You guessed it! Another teaser for the new Bundle Monster image plates

Cherish Cup of Tea let me know that Bundle Moster released yet another sneak peak of their new image plates. && As promised - I would keep you updated. Yesterday they released 2 sneak peaks in one day- so hopefully the trend will continue and I can keep you posted. How cute would that heart design be for Valentine's Day, Anniversarys, or a date night? && That fishnet design would be perfect for layering. I seriously cannot wait to try out these plates!!


  1. I wish BM plates were larger, they don't cover my nails, that's why I don't like using them. :/ So bad, because they've so many lovely pattern that Konad doesn't have. *cry*

  2. ive heard these images are going to be larger though? that would be good! these look so great im really excited!!!

  3. *Ivana~ no worries! the new set has BIGGER full sized images!! <33
    *LemonyEmily~ u heard right! the images will be bigger- so this set will def. be a better value than the first<33

  4. I'm so excited for the new plates! And i'm glad i held off from buying the older version for so long, because now i get to enjoy the news ones too! :) Thanks for posting these previews!

  5. Thanks for linking me! Im so stoked for this arrival!!!!


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