Bundle Monster releases another image of their new plates!!

Here's the newest image plate Bundle Monster will be adding to their new collection. If you haven't heard- Bundle Monster is releasing a new set of 25 image plates that will have BIGGER full sized images. The first set will still be available & the new set will have similar pricing. They should be available in about 2 weeks and BM recently got their sample plates to test. You can visit Bundle Monster's Facebook page for more info.

BM also said that this new set will have lots of full sized images and french tip designs- I like the full sized images, but I'm honestly not that into french tip designs. I am still sooo excited for the set and I do like the bottom two designs, along with the leaf one. What about you? Which designs do you like on this plate? Do you like full sized images or french dip designs more?


  1. I saw this on their FB page earlier, all the teaser pics seriously is making me want the these new plates asap :)

  2. *Che~ haha i know right!!! I want to see all the plates that are coming out, but like you said all these releases are making the wait soooo much longer. I can't wait! =)

  3. I agree- i like the full images way more than the tip designs. It just seems like you can do so much more with a full design than one that is cut off :/ but i'm really excited to see all the plates when they are released!

  4. Hurray! Thanks for keeping us updated. I like the ones on the right but prefer the full images, too. But I'm planning on getting the set, regardless.

  5. *Abby~ agreed, there is a lot more you can do with full sized images. I am sure we will think of a way to use those french tip designs tho. <33
    *PurpleGreenJoy~ you are very welcome!! Maybe their french tip designs will be bigger than the first set too and there will be diff. ways to use them. & hell yeah- I will be getting this set regardless, I wouldn't even care if half the plates were french tips, it would still be mine lol <33

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