Nail Foil Swatches from Dollar Nail Art



1.Passion Pink ... 2. Peach Burst ... 3. English Rose ... 4. Light Rose ... 5. Red Glitter

Nail foils from: DollarNailArt.com

I want to make you aware that this is my first time applying nail foils so I haven't figured out the best technique yet. Please ignore any bald spots lol. =) I liked all of these, but found the English Rose foil to be the most difficult to apply. The texture of the English Rose foil was different from the rest, kind of like those thin transparent papers you see on cards and wedding invitations.



1. Roman Marble ... 2. Snake Skin ... 3. Disco Ball ... 4. Smokey Silver ... 5. Teal

Same with the last hand, I like all of these but the Disco Ball was sooo hard to apply. Which makes me sad because it's the one I was most excited about it. =( Just like the English Rose, this foil had a somewhat different texture than the rest. I tried to re-apply this foil 3 times before I gave up. Hopefully with some practice, I can get those foils to work better. I really liked the snake skin foil as well. I love how some parts are transparent and you can see your base color through it. If I could go back in time before I placed my order I would have swapped the English Rose and Disco Ball and for different foils, but the rest I love.>


Foil Nail Art | African Jade Pedicure

Foils tend to crinkle like in the picture above when you apply certain types of top coats over them. For example, fast drying top coats. I have tested out all my top coats && all of them crinkle. I need to do some research and find one that will work the best. Let me know if you tried anything that works. Overall I think the foils apply very nicely, but the hard part is timing when to put the foils on the adhesive. I've put them on too soon and too late, so you have to do some trail & error before you can get the hang of it.

Base "Mint Green" Color: Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"

Nail Foil and Adhesive: "African Jade" Nail foil from Dollar Nail Art.com

Rhinestones: Sally's & Joanns

Beads: Dollar Nail Art.com


Dollar Nail Art Review

I placed an order on DollarNailArt.com last week && wanted to do a quick review and post some pics of what I got. If aren't familiar with Dollar Nail Art, it is a website where you can buy rhinestones, pearls, confetti, glitter, nail foils, nail charms, etc. for $1 . This is a pretty good deal compared to other online nail art supply stores in the US so you should check it out if you haven't already. Anyways, back to the fun stuff, this is what I got in the mail today ....

(Click to enlarge)
Nail Art Foils

(Click to enlarge)
Nail Art Foils

For every 6 nail foils you purchase, you receive 1 free adhesive polish.

(Click to enlarge)
Ice Chips
The aqua has a little bit more blue in it in person.

(Click to enlarge)
Flat Heart Confetti & Beads
The hearts are SO cute and the perfect size. This is the first time I ever bought the beads but I've seen them in nail stores and I remember them being a little bigger than these ones. The ones in the picture are like 0.5mm, so yeah, very tiny. They will be really cute though to add extra sparkle to your designs.

(Click to enlarge)
Rhinestones, Pearls && Star Confetti
There is a decent amount of rhinestones, a good amount of stars, and a sad amount of pearls. =(

I was suprised to see the amount of pearls in the bag. I really think they could afford to put double that amount in for $1. There is about 30 or so pearls in here.

(Click to enlarge)
Metal Palm Tree Charms
Even though it is winter, I'd figure I get them anyway for my summer designs. They were a tad smaller than I expected, but thats a good thing.

(Click to enlarge)
In the package they also include instructions for how to apply your new nail art. Very handy hand sheet. lol
**So here is a breakdown of my review for DollarNailArt.com**
I am the most impatient person when it comes to shipping. I am always interested to see how long the shipping takes when I read reviews. I placed my order on 12/21/10, the order was sent on 12/23/10, and I received it on 12/27/10. So only 6 days from the time I placed my order, till I was holding my box filled with nail art in my arms. =)
*Nail Foils - I haven't found any other suppliers in the US that sell the variety of nail foils at the price that Dollar Nail Art sells.
*Flat Nail Shape Confetti - Ex. Hearts, Starts, etc. They offer a variety of different colors and shapes & there is a good amount of pieces in the bag. They should last you a long time.
*Shipping - my order was complete in less than a week which is AMAZING compared to how long I've waited for other packages.
*Good for Nail Art Newbies - if you are new to nail art and don't want to spend a bunch of money on rhinestones and other nail decorations, this website would be a good one stop shop for you to get a bunch of different things that will last you forever.
*you have to order a minimum of $25 per order, not including shipping.
*some items, such as the pearls, could have came with more pieces.
Would I order again?
The thing that interested me most in this store was their nail foils. If I didn't already order all this stuff, I would definately order from this site again. However, I would shop there more for their nail foils & would opt to buy my rhinestones and pearls in bulk from another seller.


WINTER NAIL DESIGN | Deco Winter Sparkle Nail Art

deco nail art winter nail art

Base (Light Pink) Color: Sinful Colors "Glass Pink"
Light Blue Color: Pure Ice "Outrageous"
Dark Blue Color: Orly "Hailey's Commet"
Rhinestones & Pearls: Etsy.com
Silver Chain: Joanns.com
I have a few more designs I have yet to post, but they are on an SD card hiding somewhere in my room. Hopefully I will find it soon and I can get those posts up..... This is my most recent nail design. I really wish I had more pictures but it was snowing today && windy as hell and I was shaking like a leaf while taking the pics. Needless to say, most of the pics came out blurry. After doing this design, I don't think I will ever be able to have a simple design on my nails again lol. .. On another note, I ordered a bunch of nail art foils along with some other nail art doo-dads from DollarNailArt && should be getting them this week. I will post pics && a review once I get them in. I am planning on doing a massive nail art haul this week and order a bunch of rhinestones, pearls, confetti, glitter && all that fun stuff. I noticed that a lot of the online nail supply stores in the US don't have the best selection and don't even carry the really cute deco nail supplies. So I will be forced to order all my new nail art from China && Japan. The upside, I found some amazingly cute nail art I couldn't find anywhere else, should have enough supplies after this purchase to do lots and lots of mani's and pedi's, and they are really affordable compared to the nail art in the US. The one and only downside, THE SHIPPING!! I will have to wait pretty much a month to get everything in the mail. =( And FYI I am the most impatient person when it comes to shipping && also the worst luck when it comes to shipping. But once I get them, oh it's ON! I will be designing my nails like there is no tomorrow.. I already have 32234 ideas in mind. =P .. I should be getting them right around February so I will be sure to do some of the cutest valentine's day nails. Also I am going to start designing like a full image of step by step pictures on how I do my designs. I plan on starting this with my new years nail design but we'll see how it goes. I also want to start getting video tutorials up soon too. The thing is, I have a horrible time trying to get really good detailed pictures & videos without natural sunlight. Since I am either at work or class during the daylight, it's so difficult to get nice lighting. If you have any tips let me know. But I am determined to figure this lighting thing out so I can post more pics. Anywho, I hope everyone had a great holiday && I will be posting again for New Years.
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