Foil Nail Art | African Jade Pedicure

Foils tend to crinkle like in the picture above when you apply certain types of top coats over them. For example, fast drying top coats. I have tested out all my top coats && all of them crinkle. I need to do some research and find one that will work the best. Let me know if you tried anything that works. Overall I think the foils apply very nicely, but the hard part is timing when to put the foils on the adhesive. I've put them on too soon and too late, so you have to do some trail & error before you can get the hang of it.

Base "Mint Green" Color: Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"

Nail Foil and Adhesive: "African Jade" Nail foil from Dollar Nail Art.com

Rhinestones: Sally's & Joanns

Beads: Dollar Nail Art.com


  1. thank u very much =)

  2. Anonymous17.8.12

    I tried this exact pedi on myself! I usually wait about 2 minutes for the foil adhesive to dry before putting the foil on, then another 5-10 minutes before applying a top coat. OPI Start To Finish didn't leave any crinkling or cracking!


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