Splatter Nail Art Design & Tutorial!!

So for this post I have a splatter nail art design with a tutorial! This is my 3rd splatter mani but this is the first splatter mani I posted since my camera was broken. This design is so easy, simple, and quick to do. It's a great technique to master because this design can be used in different ways with different colors. It is also great for holidays and incorporating holiday colors. This would be an awesome design to do for Halloween with some orange and black polish!

Black Color: Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY"
Blue Color: Orly "Frisky"
Purple Color: Pure Ice "Outrageous"

Have you done a splatter nail art design? What colors did you use? If you have any links to your design feel free to leave them in the comments. I would love to check them out! =)


Make a wish! Dandelion Nail Art Design & Tutorial!!

I saw this design floating around on the internet and it was soooooooo cute I just couldn't help but to try it out myself. I love how it is so simple, yet so beautiful. Best of all, this design is really quick and easy to do. While I was at it I made a tutorial for this nail art design as well. Now that I got my both my cameras working again I am thinking of making tutorials regularly. =) In fact, I recorded another tutorial tonight that will be uploaded once it is edited and ready to go!

Pink Polish: Sinful Colors "Starfish"
Black &White Polish: Art Deco *bought from my local $ store =)*
Top Coat: Seche Vite

After this post I desperately need to update my blog. I need to make a new poll question, update my polish counter, and find another nail of the week design. Even though Nailside's design was well worthy of being featured for about a month lol. She also sent me an email with an article on what to do when someone steels your blog posts. What a sweet sweet girl. =) Thanks again! .. Most of all though, I want to get back to your comments and comment your blogs!! But now when I try to leave comments on blogs, it makes me log in, and then it says that my username doesn't have access to that blog??!! Wtf is that? lol I have to figure out a way around it though because blogging isn't as much fun when I can't comment. lol But enough babbling, here is the tutorial ..


Bundle Monster Hawaiian Nail Art Design!

Here is a design that I created for the end of summer. I was practicing color combos and came up with this by mistake. I think I used the image upside down too. lol But nonetheless, I loved the way it turned out. The gold polish underneath kinda made the nail art design look a bit like foil if it caught the right light.

Gold Color: Orly "Luxe"
Purple Color: Pure Ice "Scandal"
Flower Image: BM 225

BTW .. I am still having trouble replying to your comments for some reason! Whats even more annoying is that I cannot leave comments on other people's blogs either!! GRR!!! I think I need to de-virus my comp, but I will try my hardest to fix these technical difficulties as soon as possible!!

Nail Art Challenge: Wallpaper/Background Inspired - Entries!!

I needed to make a new post for the entries I receive for the Nail Art Challenges because apparently if you embed a youtube video on your post- editing it takes forever!!

Here is an entry I got from Sofie over at Swaafie. She made an adorable nail art design inspired from a background on her phone featuring fruit that is extremely cute and wearable for summer. Check out her blog to see more of her nail art!

If you haven't read my previous post. I am doing nail art challenges instead of having nail art contests. This challenges theme is wallpapers, backgrounds, or desktop images. Create a nail design inspired by one of your favorite wallpapers and send an email or link with your designs in the comment below. Designs can be old or new. The only rule is that the design has to be your own work, so no submitting other people's nail designs. All entries will be featured on this post and will be credited.


Super Cute Pink & White Star Nail Art Design for short nails!

Pink Color: Sally Hansen "Heart of Stone"
White Color: Konad Special Polish "White"
Star Image: BM 20

Recently my ring finger nail broke, and when I say broke, I mean it broke all the way down to the finger! Grr! But I was starting to grow tired of having longer nails anyway, so I decided to trim them all down and honestly.. I like my nails a lot more this length. I usually keep them longer so I have enough room on my nails to have the freedom to do any nail art design my heart desires. But I really prefer the look of shorter nails, they don't get in the way as much, typing is much easier for example, you can go crazy with your designs without it looking tacky, but it still gives you that polished, chic, put together look to your hands. So I am going to keep them to this length until I need to grow them longer for whatever design is brewing up in my head. Plus, having shorter nails allowed me to play with some of the full sized images on the first set of BM plates which have a reputation for being too small for longer nails.

As for the nail design its self. I LOVE it! It's so very simple (compared to my usual designs anyway) but I find it to look better in one of those less is more kinda ways. It's very understated, but adds a lot of character. I was also admiring this color combo a lot too. I already have an idea of how I want to use this star image again in the future. I am thinking of a dark navy blue or black, with a sheer holographic/duochrome polish on top to give it some depth, then adding the stars in silver. Of course, I am trying to contain myself from wearing darker colors until its a bit colder and the outside world has more of that genuine autumn feeling. I know.. I am putting way too much thought into that lol.

I have some pictures on my phone of some nail designs I've done while my camera was broken, which I will be uploading VERY soon!
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