Nail Art Challenge: Wallpaper/Background Inspired - Entries!!

I needed to make a new post for the entries I receive for the Nail Art Challenges because apparently if you embed a youtube video on your post- editing it takes forever!!

Here is an entry I got from Sofie over at Swaafie. She made an adorable nail art design inspired from a background on her phone featuring fruit that is extremely cute and wearable for summer. Check out her blog to see more of her nail art!

If you haven't read my previous post. I am doing nail art challenges instead of having nail art contests. This challenges theme is wallpapers, backgrounds, or desktop images. Create a nail design inspired by one of your favorite wallpapers and send an email or link with your designs in the comment below. Designs can be old or new. The only rule is that the design has to be your own work, so no submitting other people's nail designs. All entries will be featured on this post and will be credited.

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