Super Cute Pink & White Star Nail Art Design for short nails!

Pink Color: Sally Hansen "Heart of Stone"
White Color: Konad Special Polish "White"
Star Image: BM 20

Recently my ring finger nail broke, and when I say broke, I mean it broke all the way down to the finger! Grr! But I was starting to grow tired of having longer nails anyway, so I decided to trim them all down and honestly.. I like my nails a lot more this length. I usually keep them longer so I have enough room on my nails to have the freedom to do any nail art design my heart desires. But I really prefer the look of shorter nails, they don't get in the way as much, typing is much easier for example, you can go crazy with your designs without it looking tacky, but it still gives you that polished, chic, put together look to your hands. So I am going to keep them to this length until I need to grow them longer for whatever design is brewing up in my head. Plus, having shorter nails allowed me to play with some of the full sized images on the first set of BM plates which have a reputation for being too small for longer nails.

As for the nail design its self. I LOVE it! It's so very simple (compared to my usual designs anyway) but I find it to look better in one of those less is more kinda ways. It's very understated, but adds a lot of character. I was also admiring this color combo a lot too. I already have an idea of how I want to use this star image again in the future. I am thinking of a dark navy blue or black, with a sheer holographic/duochrome polish on top to give it some depth, then adding the stars in silver. Of course, I am trying to contain myself from wearing darker colors until its a bit colder and the outside world has more of that genuine autumn feeling. I know.. I am putting way too much thought into that lol.

I have some pictures on my phone of some nail designs I've done while my camera was broken, which I will be uploading VERY soon!


  1. awwww, these are too cute!! <3

  2. This is adorable! I love it :) x

  3. It's super cute!! I love that manicure! Pretty pink OMG!<3

  4. this is so so pretty i love it!

  5. Anonymous2.9.11

    WOW! *sigh* I guess I better get a Konad set!

  6. Wow... your nails are so girly and cute!! ♥ them!

  7. Really super cute!

  8. These are so cute! I love the pink and white!!(:

  9. Anonymous22.5.12

    How did u do the star


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