NEWSPAPER NAIL DESIGN | Super Easy Newspaper Nail Art Design

I wanted to do newspaper nails ever since I saw them on The Daily Nail's blog but I never quite figured out how to do them. I knew there was rubbing alcohol and newspaper involved but that was about it. The other night I finally found a tutorial showing me how to transfer newspaper print onto the nails. It is super easy to do and you only need some polish, a bottle of liqour (I suggest a clear 60-80 proof), and some newspaper. I found this amazing tutorial on Confessions of a Polishaholic's blog which can be found here. This was my first attempt and as you can see it is not too shabby. I think I like how it didn't transfer on some parts because it gives it that old vintage newspaper feel. I WILL do this design again bc it is just too easy and too cute not to, maybe I'll use a white polish next time....

Gray Polish: Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"
Newspaper Tutorial: Found Here


  1. You did a great job, congrats ;)
    I'm glad you like my tutorial ;)

  2. thank you soo much!

  3. Really really cute! Thanks for the link to the tute, I will definitely try it! I have to keep reading your blog... I've seen some lovely looks, I want to see more!!

  4. waa i love this one so pretty can i make a design like this? i love it so much

  5. Alhrayth- aww thank you!! I will def. keep posting more designs just for you lol<33
    Vhlesz- I just saw ur post & the design looks beautiful<33

  6. Yeah I have seen them too on the daily nail blog and wanted to do them. Thank you for sharing. And finding that tutorial for me. Now I can do it too. Thanks

  7. thanx for following my blog, i am now following yours aswell & you have some great designs! this design is so cool, i'm definately gonna have to try this out!!! : )

  8. So cute.I'd like to try creative nail
    designs and styles.Thank you for sharing.I can;t wait to have a try.

  9. Where did you get the grey nail polish?

  10. Anonymous5.6.12

    is there a way of doing it without alchol

  11. Anonymous19.6.12

    This is gorgeous!! I love love love it!! This is the first time I've done it and its super easy, and good for people like me with short bleh nails!! Thank youuuuuu

    1. Khaih W.21.10.12

      It's really not that easy, i can't tel you how many times I went over the same nails-_-

  12. For some reason, I could not get this to work. Any suggestions?

  13. For some reason, I could not get this to work. Any suggestions?

  14. I'm looking for some beautiful yet easy to create nail designs that I can try on my short nails. These nail designs would surely be great.

    Cheers xxxx

  15. Very nice artice about fake nail design ! Thanks for sharing this !


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