Saint Patrick's Day Pedicure Nail Art Design

Here is my St. Patrick's Day pedicure. I figured I would do a pedicure to give you some inspiration before I posted my mani. For the big toe, I used a sponging technique to make the colors fade and just added some rhinestones & other embelishments, the second toe is just medium green and glitter, middle toe is dark green with beads, 4th toe is light green with small green hexagons, and the baby toe is just dark green and glitter. Here are the products I used ...

Light Green Color: Sinful Colors "Innocent"
Medium Green Color: Sinful Colors "Irish Green"
Dark Green Color: Sinful Colors "San Fransico"
Green Glitter: Sinful Colors "Call You Later"
Rhinestones, Beads, Hexagons: Joanns.com Ebay.com DollarNailArt.com

Have you done your St. Patrick's Day pedicure yet? If so, leave a link to your post in the comments, I would love to see it!


  1. Anonymous13.3.11

    Pretty! :) I love it how colors fade smoothly on big toe. :)

  2. love the fading effect so much

  3. thanks so much for featuring me in your "nails of the week"! i really appreciate it! its funny cause i was looking at your blog yesterday & i was thinking what a great idea your "nail of the week" section was & then today i came on & saw that you featured me, what a nice surprise! thanks again! : )

  4. serrated b & bless - ty so much ladies! all you need is a makeup sponge to create a similar effect, but im pretty sure you already knew that lol<3

  5. Deriniti- you are very welcome! & lol! you should add one to ur blog too! its a great way to show off designs & blogs that you like without having to recreate the look urself. I used the "picture" gadget on my sidebar to do my NOTW.<333


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