Sparkly & Starry Glitter Pedicure Design

Blue Color: Milani - "Blue Flash"
Stars, Rhinestones, & Beads: Ebay.com, DollarNailArt.com, Joanns.com

I recently bought some new polishes and Milani's "Blue Flash" was one of them. This polish reminds me of a color Alice would wear in her Wonderland. Well this color and OPI's "Absolutely Alice"- but sadly that color isn't a part of my collection so this is the closest to wonderland I'll get. lol The first picture I took in the shade and is more color accurate to this polish. But I just had to see what this color looked like in the sun- which was a light show spectacular-although for some reason my camera picked up a darker less sparkly color. This color was pretty enough to wear on its own, but if you know me, I just had to add something on there. I figured a star design would work good with the colors. What do you think?


  1. Wow that is incredibly pretty! Can't wait until it gets warm enough to go barefoot and have lovely nail polish on my toes :)

  2. thats really pretty!! <3 the glitters

  3. Cute! <3 Your nails are really long, I can't have long nails on my legs because it starts cutting my skin because I wear sneakers all the time. But when it's time from flip flops I can grow them little longer. :D

  4. Thank you for reading and commenting girls<333

    *Olivia~ Me too! it was 40 degrees when I took these pics & all my pedis end up getting covered up in socks lol
    *Ivana~ hehe yeah this is the longest I can have them without having any problems. & I cant wait for flip flop season either ::wishfully sighs::

  5. Pretty!!! :o) your nails look so nice.

    that green grass looked awesome too!!! lol

  6. what a pretty star design!

  7. where do u buy milani polishes? i have been to so many rite-aids and walgreens in our area and i can't find that brand anywhere anymore, and there are a bunch of colors i wanna get by them!

  8. *Ashley~ if you can't find them in the store, you can get them at cherryculture.com <3


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