New Polish Additions =) & Quick Reviews

I was checking out Ivana's Blog recently when I chose her nail design for my NOTW and was looking at some of her recent polish purchases and swaps. She is a slightly bad influence on me since we have the same taste in polishes (especially when it comes to pinks and purples) and I just had to get some of the polishes I saw on her blog. =) lol

Above we have Milani polishes which I was surprised to find at my local Walgreens. The last few times I went there, I don't even remember seeing their Milani displays- but this time I got lucky. Here's what I got...

Milani - "Purple Gleam"
Milani - "Gold"
Milani - "Blue Flash"

*Close Up*

 Purple Gleam & Blue Flash are part of Milani's "One Coat Glitter" series. I wouldn't say they are exactly one coaters, however, it only takes 2 coats to achieve opaque glittery goodness. Even though 1 coat isn't completely opaque, it would still be too over powering to use as a glitter top coat. These polishes consist of a very fine glitter with a slightly colored base coat from what I could tell. Blue Flash seems to have a clear to light base color, but Purple Gleam seems to have a darker, maybe purple base color. I love both these colors equally- but I have to admit that the purple color is very unique and is absolutely stunning with some top coat. Overall, these are by far my favorite glitter polishes along with Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink." I never had any glitter polishes that were this jam packed with glitter, and if that is the look you are going for- these polishes would be perfect for you.

As for Milani's Jewel FX polish in "Gold" - this is a clear polish that is loaded with small hexagonal glitter. It looks very cute over any polish and can add extra sparkle to any nail design. I tried this color out on a swatch wheel over a few colors and it is so pretty. I already have an idea for how I am going to use this polish for a Christmas design. I am not sure how many coats it will take to be opaque- my guess is around 3-4- but I will do some research and update this post when I find out. =)

Next up are some OPI polishes from the Katy Perry collection that my bf was sweet enough to buy me. =) I found these at Trade Secret (the only place I know where to buy OPI in my state) and these were the two prettiest colors left on the display. I couldn't choose between the two because they were both unique in their own way, so I snagged both. Pictured above is..
OPI - "The One That Got Away"
OPI - "Teenage Dream"

Close Up

"The One That Got Away" is almost as hard to describe as it was to get a color accurate picture. It's a redish - pinkish - berryish color with flecks of gold and purple shimmer. It's one of those colors that put you in a trance when you move it around in the light. As for "Teenage Dream"- this is a glitter polish with a clear base that has very small fine glitter in a pinkish, purple, mauve color, along with bigger glitter shapes that are silver with rainbow reflects. With the perfect combination of glitter sizes and color- Teenage Dream is a step above your regular glitter polishes. It is more on the sheer side, so it will take a few extra coats to achieve the bottle color. But as you can see from the close up pic, it is well worth it.

Do you have any polishes from these collections? How are you liking them so far? I really want more colors of the Milani glitter polishes, or better yet, get my hands on their 3D polishes. =)


  1. I love Milani Gold! I did a few manicures with it since I purchased it last week =]

    Great haul!

  2. I, too, love the Milani Gold. It looks like you need to update that polish counter!

  3. Your picture of The One That Got Away made me gasp and I thought I had to get that one but I actually do own it already :D why isn't my bottle that gorgeous? :D

  4. *TheVeroBlog~ I saw some of the manis you did with this polish && they are so pretty! I can't wait to use it!
    *Cherish~ haha!! I just did! lol
    *Salla~ awww. well I must admit, I had perfect lighting conditions when I took those pics. You know that light when the sun is about to set and everything seems to glow? That light + this polish = perfection =)

  5. You can't go wrong with Milani - Gold, it's just stunning. <3 And Purple Gleam looks beautiful too. First I thought it was same like Nubar - Petunia Sparkle but when I tried it on one nail I realized there is purple and black glitter not just purple like in Petunia Sparkle. I'm still deciding if I like it because it really looks so dark on nail. I was also wondering why are they called one if they're not. :D
    Great haul! I can't wait to get mine bottle of Teenage Dream. :)
    And I finally met one blogger who likes pink, I can see many bloggers who even hates pink. :D

  6. *Ivana~ The milani gold is stunning!! I just had to get it after seeing your design! & that explains why purple gleam was so dark! I couldnt tell if it was a dark base, but the black glitter explains it. & i LOVE pink, that color dominates my nail polish collection, and you can never have too many! I can't believe some bloggers don't share that joy! lol =) Im going to look up some petunia sparkle swatches now that you mentioned it ..


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