Giveaway Goodies!! & a quick update

If you didn't already know, last week I won Katrina's 1st blog birthday giveaway! I was so excited because I never won anything. Well actually, in 2nd grade I won a one size fits all green sweater with the name of my school on it and a drawing of a tiger. So let me re-phrase that.. never have I ever won anything good lol. I was even more excited when I got home and saw the package sitting on the counter. I ran into my room and opened it right away. Katrina packaged everything soooo cutely. It definately made it 10x more fun to open. & I got a sweet lil thank you note written in perfect handwriting.

Here is what I got =)

Rimmel - Sunset Orange
Essie - Van D'Go
Orly - Candy Cane Lane
Barielle - Elle's Spell
Sally Hansen - Sea and be seen
Nicole by OPI - Nicole .. Spotted
Revlon - Emerald City
Zoya - Edyta

And I wanted to show you a close up of Elle's Spell since it was very unique... 
I never seen a color like this before. It's a deep red color with a jelly base, glitter and iridescent flakes. In my opinion,  if China Glaze- Ruby Pumps and Sally Hansen- Hidden Treasure had a love child- it would be this color. lol

I am sooo excited to use all of these polishes. Funny thing is, these are my first Zoya, Rimmel, Essie, Nicole by OPI, and Barielle polishes. I want to do a mani with the Essie color really soon & I think the Rimmel color is *perfect* for summer. Ahh! I just want to wear them all! 

And in case you were wondering- these polishes are kitty approved. =D

And I wanted to give another *BIG* thanks to Katrina for having this fun giveaway and for being the awesome blogger she is!!

Updates: I will have a new pedi design posted tomorrow hopefully.. if everything goes according to plan it should have lots of glitter. & I have another nail design and tutorial for you on Monday that is Spring and Flower themed =D ...  Also, I am in the process of making a page for my blog that will have all the links of the nail art supply stores I found. I figured this would be helpful since some things are hard to find and you might be able to find everything you need from just one website. So keep a look out for that .. have a good weekend. =)


  1. Zoya is <3 I have like 25.

  2. WHAT?! IT CAME IN ALREADY?! yayyy :) im glad they came in so perfect condition & that you like em! have fun with them :D

  3. Can't wait to see your design! I just started a nail blog and your nail designs are so pretty.. they inspire me to come up with more nail art lol :)

  4. *TrailorhoodChic~ thats a lot! i guess I never had one because I can only buy them online from where I live, I think. But I am def. going to look into it further now ..
    *Katrina~ I know I was suprised too!! That was soo quick! I didn't even know mail came on Saturdays lol. & I will def enjoy them! =D
    *Ali~ aww thank you!! I will def. try to get the design up today! & I will check out ur nail blog right now =)


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