I found my long lost SD card and I can finally post the pics of the nail art designs I did around 2 months ago. lol. But hey, it is still technically winter so these designs are still wearable. I used Orly's "Winter Wonderland" which was a tad sheer after two coats, so I used a white base color to make the polish more opaque. The products are listed in the order I used them below ...

Base White Color: Sinful Colors "Tokyo Pearl" (1 coat)
2nd White Color: Orly "Winter Wonderland" (2 coats)
Snowflake Image: BM 14 (Bundle Monster)
Black Stamping Color: Konad Special Polish "Black Pearl"


CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Purple Deco Nail Art

I love this design! Of course, it is inspired by Japanese nail art which has became my new thing. I am still going to continue doing nail stamping and all that good stuff but my manis will be more japan-esque from now on. One of the things that I love about deco nail art is that it is SUPER EASY and the end result is always beautiful. Oh and before I forget, the necklace in my hand is from Forever21.

Light Purple Color: Sinful Colors "Purple Diamond"
Medium Purple Color: Sally Hansen Insta Dry "Pronto Purple"
Dark Purple Color: Pure Ice "Scandal"
Nail Striper Gold & Silver: Bought them both from the dollar store! =)
Rhinestones & Beads: DollarNailArt.com && Joanns.com

Another thing, the other day at work I managed to break like 4 nails!! It is always the corner that breaks and I am forced to trim the rest of my nails. But hopefully I will be having better luck with having stronger nails. In addition to using a nail strengthener and nail grow polish under my base coat, I am starting to take vitamins. Every girl I knew that was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins were always bragging about how strong and thick their nails and hair have become and I have to admit that I was getting really jealous lol. So when I went to the store with my Mom she helped me pick out the best vitamins without having to take the prenatal ones. Since our nails grow painfully slow, it could very well be a long time till I can see the results. And even though I am a fan of instant gratification, I am going to keep up with these vitamins for the next 3-6 months and I will let you know how well they worked.

I have a countdown on my phone for the very last date that I should be receiving all my nail art goodies from China. I have 23 days till I hopefully get them in the mail and I can post pics of everything. I wish they would come sooner!! I am going to start brainstorming Valentines Day nail designs so I will be ready to paint and post as soon as I get them!


KONAD NAIL ART | Pink Zebra Nail Design

Here is my current mani. Of course, my pics did not come out as well as I hoped for. Ignore the slight tip wear, these nails were a few days old when the pics were taken. But I am going to get better at taking pics indoors so I can take pics of my manis when they are fresh to death. lol

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Zebra Image Plate: M57 - Konad
Pink Color: WetnWild "Tickled Pink"
Rhinestones & Beads: DollarNailArt.com & Joanns.com

**Exciting News!! .. I did a nail art supply haul && I am SOOO excited!! I can barely wait for them to come in the mail. I ordered from Ebay, Etsy, and the Born Pretty store online. I ordered lots of rhinestones, pearls, beads, glitters, spangles, nail canes, & more fun stuff so once I get them in the mail I will be sure to post pics of all the stuff I got and a quick review on them.

DECO NAIL ART | Funky Deco French Tip Nails

This design was inspired from a Japanese mani I saw online. I wish I could find it again so I could post the pic, but I have had no such luck. =( The gold circles are actually links I cut out from a necklace. I wish the pics were better quality but I took them in the late afternoon in the freezing cold while trying not to shake or shiver. I also hate it when I take pics and they look sooo good on the camera then once you upload them they are not as clear as I thought they would be and I don't have time to retake them. Yeah, that happens to me more times then I would like to admit. lol

So anyways, my posting is slowing down due to 2 reasons. Firstly, me and my boyfriend are renovating our bedroom. The water heater broke in our room and we came home one day with half of our carpet soaking wet! And OMG the smell was horrible so we just decided that we would get new carpets and finally take the ugly wood paneling down from the walls that have been there since the house was built like 100 yrs ago. We have been spending most of our time moving all the furniture out and scraping the really ugly 1830's wallpaper off. lol But hopefully by early February the room will be finished and all brand new looking. We are getting new lighting in the room also so it should be bright enough for me to take pics and hopefully record videos inside, instead of waiting for the day I have natural light. Reason 2. School just started again =( Since this is my last semester, I had a limited number of courses to take and I have one of the crappiest schedules I ever had in my college years. lol But I am still going to do my nails and take pics, but I might be a little slower on actually posting them.

Back to the mani. Everything I used is listed below ...

Navy Blue Color: Pure Ice "All night long"
Mint Green Color: Sinful Colors "Mint Apple"
Hot Pink Color: Petites Color Fever "Raspberry Ice"
Grey Color: Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here"
Rhinestones & Pearls: DollarNailArt.com .. Etsy.com
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I have another design I am going to post later today & I think I found my SD card with some of my winter manis too so maybe I can get those up too....
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