CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Purple Deco Nail Art

I love this design! Of course, it is inspired by Japanese nail art which has became my new thing. I am still going to continue doing nail stamping and all that good stuff but my manis will be more japan-esque from now on. One of the things that I love about deco nail art is that it is SUPER EASY and the end result is always beautiful. Oh and before I forget, the necklace in my hand is from Forever21.

Light Purple Color: Sinful Colors "Purple Diamond"
Medium Purple Color: Sally Hansen Insta Dry "Pronto Purple"
Dark Purple Color: Pure Ice "Scandal"
Nail Striper Gold & Silver: Bought them both from the dollar store! =)
Rhinestones & Beads: DollarNailArt.com && Joanns.com

Another thing, the other day at work I managed to break like 4 nails!! It is always the corner that breaks and I am forced to trim the rest of my nails. But hopefully I will be having better luck with having stronger nails. In addition to using a nail strengthener and nail grow polish under my base coat, I am starting to take vitamins. Every girl I knew that was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins were always bragging about how strong and thick their nails and hair have become and I have to admit that I was getting really jealous lol. So when I went to the store with my Mom she helped me pick out the best vitamins without having to take the prenatal ones. Since our nails grow painfully slow, it could very well be a long time till I can see the results. And even though I am a fan of instant gratification, I am going to keep up with these vitamins for the next 3-6 months and I will let you know how well they worked.

I have a countdown on my phone for the very last date that I should be receiving all my nail art goodies from China. I have 23 days till I hopefully get them in the mail and I can post pics of everything. I wish they would come sooner!! I am going to start brainstorming Valentines Day nail designs so I will be ready to paint and post as soon as I get them!


  1. loves ur comment! lol <33

  2. beautiful mani, i love it!

  3. Holy sh*t. Those are some blinged-out nails. . . and I freaking love them! How long did it take you to do the entire mani? (Also, thanks so much for posting my nail design! It makes me giddy!)

  4. *Starving Nail Addict~ thanks so much! & you totally deserved to be my NOTW because your design was way too cute and creative to not share with my readers. lol & this mani took a while because I was improving the whole time, but it took around an hour to an hour and a half- totally worth it tho lol<33

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