Nail Art Challenge: Wallpaper/Background Inspired - Abstract Konad Nail Art & Tutorial!!

Here is a mani that I did a few weeks ago. I really wish that I was able to get a better picture of this beautiful design. I was using my Mom's camera and the pics looked really good, until I got them on the computer and saw that 98% of them were blurry, which is usually not the case with her camera. I also got my camera back from Best Buy!!! So be prepared for regular posting again! I felt so lost without having my camera an updating lol.

I got the idea for this design from a background I had on my cell phone, which I will upload a picture of shortly. The reason this post is titled Nail Art Challenge is because I was debating whether or not I wanted to have contests on my blog. I had sooo many ideas for different themes that I thought it would be way too hectic to organize contests around all of them. So I decided that I would try nail art challenges instead, where I challenge myself and YOU to create nail art designs based on a theme. For this challenge, try to create a nail art design based off of a background on your phone, desktop wallpapers for your computer, or even the wallpaper on your walls. I will post all designs that I receive on this post, so if you have one that works, old or new, submit a link to your design, along with a pic of the background/wallpaper that inspired you and I will feature the design on this page! =) There is no deadline, so even if you see this months from now, feel free to send your design. The only rule I guess is that it has to be your design, not someone elses.

I will do these challenges every week or every other week. I figured it would be something fun to do for all the nail art enthusiasts, or if you are just "stuck" and need some inspiration for a new design. If you have any other ideas too, leave them in the comments and I will definitely consider them.

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Blue Color: Sinful Colors "Loves Nails"
Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"
Green Color: Sinful Colors "Irish Green"
Black Color: Konad special polish in "Black Pearl"
Konad Plates: M65 & M77
Bundle Monster Plate: BM19
Rhinestones: Ebay.com

The editing for this vid is less than perfect and I had some technical difficulties, but I got it done. There is also an audio swap in progress so I apologize if you have to watch the video in silence until it uploads lol. So now more talking, here is the tutorial I made for this look ...


  1. OMG! it's so pretty!

  2. Anonymous30.8.11

    what a great design! your talented!


  3. this is pretty so lovely :D

  4. this is gorgeous i love the colours!

  5. I love all of the soft colors together, very pretty.

  6. I love this mani =) And I love nail art inspired by something :p I've just sent a mail to you with my 'entry'.. :)

  7. I am totally hooked on your nail stamp ideas!!
    I have only posted on picture of nail stamping so far but my daughter and I just love it :)
    I carve rubber stamps by hand, wont work for nails though... we did try :) Stop by and visit my blog and check out my stamps

  8. Here is my entry!! I remembered when you comented on them now think thinking about it! and I think it still is a great idea!!(:

  9. These are officially the most beautiful nails I have EVER seen!! Gorgeous!!


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