Spring Time Pedicure Nail Art Design | Bedding Inspired

Here is my latest pedicure. It is spring themed and it was actually inspired from a comforter I saw on Target's website. Bedding might seem like quite an odd place to draw inspiration from, but I encourage you to take a look at some bedding or even fabrics. Their designs can be easily created by layering nail stamping images like I did here. There was a few other comforters I wanted to try to create nail designs for, like this one that I have the perfect image for on my first set of BM image plates. Surprisingly, I do not have a nude polish (I will fix that though) so that design will have to wait. =P Here is a list of the products I used...

Light Pink Color: Essie "Van D'Go" (well it is more of a light peach color)
Bright Pink Color: Wet'N'Wild "Tickled Pink"
Light Purple Color: China Glaze "Spontaneous"
Dark Purple Color: Pure Ice "Scandal"
Image Plate: BM 15
Rhinestones & Hexagons: Ebay.com


  1. Nice toes, love the colours.

  2. Oh wow its awesome that you'v used snow-flakes but turned them into a spring theme! I love this pedi design! =)

  3. Anonymous21.4.11

    Awh... that looks so cute!

  4. This is sooooo cute! I lvoe your pedicure posts! They provide such great inspiration.

  5. Awww so beautiful, I really love to have one for my nails. Very nice nail designs. Thanks for sharing!


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