Spring Flowers Nail Art TUTORIAL!!

I think I kept you all waiting long enough. lol =) Here is the tutorial for how I did the flower design I posted a week or so ago. I think you will be happy to see how absolutely easy it is...

Step 1
Prep your nails with a white polish.

 Step 2
 Take a pink polish and gently tap the brush randomly on your nail.

Step 3
 Repeat the same steps using a blue polish.

Step 4
 Repeat the same steps with a purple polish.

Step 5
 Repeat the same steps with a yellow polish.
(At this point you want to make sure the white base color is covered)

Step 6
Take a green polish and use the brush to create small "V" and line shapes to create "leaves".

 Step 7
Continue to add "leaves" to your nails, add a layer of top coat, and your done!

So there you go. A super easy nail design that anyone can do. No special brushes or any percision needed. I hope everyone likes it! I have the products I used listed on the original post here. Feel free to use other colors to create a different look for this design. If you try this out, take pics and leave me some links in the comments. I'd love to see it! =)


  1. so cute!! who would have thought it was so easy!! :) Very creative!

  2. *Morgan~ thank you!! It is super easy!! I am glad you liked it! =)

  3. Gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. this is so cute! and easy!! I'm def in love:)

  5. what a impressive talent you show in this post! for sure you have your own business based in this, and if you don't, you are wasting your talent, you could be one of the best in the world in nail field.

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