New Bundle Monster Image Plate & Nail Art Design Teaser!

Here is another teaser for the Bundle Monster Image Plates and they even made a very pretty nail art design to go with it! I definitly want to re-create this look when I get my set! I love to color combo and how those two designs compliment each other so well. That necklace or bracelet in the picture also goes very well with the mani. lol I am sooo excited for these plates to go on sale! I can't handle it anymore! I want them! They could at least let us know when the exact release date is instead of torturing us like this lol. By the way, the gold color in the picture is "Sally Hansen's chrome pen in gold" and BM is going to upload a picture of how the design covered the thumb nail. It isn't up yet but when it is I will edit this post instead of making another one.

UPDATE: If you think they will sell out of their new image plates, BM says "No worries, we will have lots of it in stock! :)" YAYYY!!


  1. I need this now, too! They're really good at building up suspense. I just hope it doesn't instantly sell out. That would make me cry. :( lol

  2. Awesome! Did you enter the contest?

  3. Do you know if the collection is all-new? I bought the first set from amazon.com a few weeks ago and it would be a pity if the new set contains plates from the first one. :D If it is all-new, I'll buy the set straight away when it's available! :D Btw, I looooove your blog, very cute layout and your nail art is just awesome. I'm your new follower. :)

  4. The new set has ALL NEW designs... super exciting! and they're going to be $21.99. :D

    I can't wait to get these! And those Sally Hansen Quick Color Pens do work really well for stamping!

  5. *PurpleGreenJoy~ they sure are! lol & don't worry about them selling out, once I know the sale date I'll spread the news and we will order at 12midnight if we have to =)
    *Cherish~ I didn't enter yet. I am wondering if you have to use ONLY BM products, if I have a mani that is all BM products, and if I have an unwatermarked pic lol. I do have a really cute design that will work but its a vid not a pic =( .. Are u entering?
    *Hantta~ thanks so much for following and leaving sucha sweet comment<3 I am now your newest follower!! the new set of BM plates will have all new designs!!
    *Amber~ thank you!!! & I never used the sally hansen color pens for stamping, I didn't even think to use a nail art pen for stamping lol. Now I know what to look for the next time I go to the store =)

  6. Anonymous4.4.11

    I do want them really bad!! I need them all!! can't wait to know the real date!

  7. OMG. this is the first time I hear about bundle monster coming up with new plates! I must get them, lol. I have the 1st set and I love it. Im sure Im going to love the new ones as well!!!! Cant wait! Gonna start following your blog!!!!


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