KONAD PEDICURE | Pink & Black Leopard Nail Art Design & TUTORIAL!!

I love this pedi! I think it's my favorite one I did so far. I was even more excited when it finally started to get warm and this was the first pedi I got to wear with flip flops this season!! =D I also wanted to do tutorials for some of my pedi's, but I wasn't really thrilled about having my feet on YouTube. So instead I think I am going to do pic tutorials for my pedi's. Since this post is very pic heavy, I'm going to shut up now and let you know the products I used so we can get to the tutorial. lol

White Color: Sinful Colors "Tokyo Pearl"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Pink Color: Petites Color Fever "Raspberry Ice"
Image Plate: Konad M57
Rhinestones & Beads: Ebay.com DollarNailArt.com

I also gave Sassy a pedicure while I was at it. =D


1:2:5 ~ Paint nails a white color.
3 ~ Paint nails a hot pink color.
4 ~ Paint nails a black color.

1 ~ Apply the leopard image from image plate M57 sideways on your big toe in black.
2 ~ Fill in the spots with a silver polish.
3 ~ Add a silver glitter polish over the silver your just applied & wait for your nails to dry completely.
4 ~ Apply a piece of scotch tape to the bottom of the leopard image.
5 ~ Add a coat of black polish and gently pull off the tape.
6 ~  Apply hot pink rhinestones along the black line and fill in the gaps with gold micro beads.

1 ~ Apply a black rhinestone to the top middle of your 2nd toe.
2 ~ Apply a silver rhinestone to the top middle of your 4th toe.

1:2 ~ Apply hot pink rhinestones over your 3rd toe.

 1:2 ~ Apply the leopard image to your baby toe in Black and add silver glitter polish in the spots.

Then apply a layer of top coat to all your nails and your done! Pretty easy huh? I hope you liked this design! I will have more posts comming soon! BM just released another image plate, so I am going to cover that. Then I will also do my Spring Flowers tutorial & a post on how to store your image plates. =D


  1. that is so cute!! I love that it's so girly and sparkly :) Very nice job!

  2. Great post, lovely nail art and a wonderful tutorial.

    I love Sassy's pedicure too btw!

  3. OMFG! They are amazing! I love them! Wow.
    Sorry I'm hyping..I'm new and I'm just amazed at how good everyone is!

  4. This is super cute! I love it!

  5. supperr!! love this! thanks for the tutorial!!
    love it

  6. As much as I do NOT like feet, this is a really cute pedicure. I paint mine just so that they're painted, that's the extent of things. My fingernails are always the focus!

  7. Super cute pedi and great tutorial!

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments!! =) I am happy you like the tutorial & I will have to try to make this a regular thing for my pedis.<33333 xoxo

  9. Gorgeous!! And just so you know it...you have the most perfect toes ever! <3

  10. *Olivia~ haha thank you! I was wondering if my feet were pretty enough to post online and ur comment confirmed it lol


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