Rasta Deco Nail Art Design

I was going to wait till Summer to do these nails since the warm weather has more of that rasta/jamaican feel to it. But I got a little ahead of myself when the weather started getting warmer. lol Which is okay because I can show you the design now instead of waiting. =)  I saw some variations of Rasta nail art designs online and I knew I could come up with something different and find a way to make it pretty and blingy. Although this design is fun, it may be difficult to wear, especially if you have work the next day. lol You don't want to give your boss the wrong impression haha. But if you think you can pull it off, here are the products I used...

Green Color: Sinful Colors "San Francisco"
Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"
Red Color: Sinful Colors "Under 18"
Image Plate: BM 07
Rhinestones & Hexagons: Ebay.com


  1. LOVE IT! ^_^
    How did you do the swirly design background? -It looks so cool!

    How do you not have more followers?? I swear you are friggn' amazing at nail art and designs.

  2. Anonymous25.4.11

    Looks nice! Very reggae ;)

  3. I am assuming under the rasta leaf is water marble? if not let me know as this is such a pretty design

    shel xx

  4. WOWOWOWOW!!!! Aaahh this design is brilliant! Lol I don't think i'm brave enough to wear it but it looks awesome on you =)

  5. *Forever92~ thanks so much!! The swirl design in the background is a water marble, if you don't know how to do it, search "water marble tutorial" in youtube & you can learn how to do it!! & Idk why I don't have more followers, but I did get up to 200 in about 2 months so thats good! =)
    *SerratedB~ thank you!!
    *IrishEnchantment~ yes, I did a water marble under the rasta leaves. I tried to make the background look "trippy" lol did it work?
    *Angeles~ thanks!! <33
    *Sara~ hehe thank you! & I know what you mean, I only wore this mani for a day =(

  6. Just found your blog. You do some amazing designs! You deserve more followers! I need to get those Bundle Monster plates so much! x

  7. Hey =)
    I've passed on an award to you... you can pick it up from my page lol! =)
    And aww well i'm sure you got loads of complements in that one day =)

  8. *Olivia~ Aww thank you!! & yes! the BM image plates are so fun!
    *Sara~ THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is only my 2nd award so I am so happy! & lol I actually did get a compliment from the first person that saw them lol.

  9. where did you get the leaf? is it like a sticker?

  10. I will be doing this design! When my nails grow back anyway. Half of them broke from me moving out of my apt this weekend. :(

    You got any tips for regrowing strong nails?

  11. I love it!
    I'm a new follower! (:


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