Black & Silver Deco Nail Art Design

Happy Good Friday! I was originally going to do an Easter nail art design and somehow I ended up doing this. lol I was having trouble coming up with an Easter design because I didn't know what to do beside bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs. Actually, I think I just came up with something. =) lol But if my idea doesn't work out the way I see it in my head, I will do a mani with Easter colors and keep it somewhat simple. Anyways, back to the current mani. These are the products I used...

Black Color: Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY"
Silver Color: Sally Hansen "Pure Chrome"
Image Plate: BM 21
Microbeads: DollarNailArt

While I was taking pics of my nails, I got distracted by the big chocolate lab, Ralphie. So I figured I'd share the cuteness...


  1. They're really pretty. I love the way you showcased them too, they go really well with those coloured beads.

  2. That looks sooo cool!!! I love it! =) Especially the little beadies =)

  3. I love seeing cameos of blogger's dogs in post. You have such a cute doggy, he has such kind eyes.
    --and this is such an ammazing mani, I am loving your blog! I'm now follower.

  4. *CharlotteSparkle~ thank you! I had trouble deciding which color beads to use since I didn't have silver so I am glad you picked up on that lol
    *Sara~ Thanks so much! The beads took a while to put on but well worth it =P
    *Forever92~ TY! I am following you too<3 & aww yea he does have kind eyes!! He's sucha loveable little thing. & I agree, I love seeing other blogger's pets lol.

  5. your dog is so pretty and cute :)) I bet he asked you for a walk right after the pic ;))
    *pets Ralphie*

  6. OMG! This is gorgeous!

  7. Ohmigosh! sooo pretty!!!

  8. Omg this is sooo pretty! (sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm new) How did you do this?!?!


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