2 more New Bundle Monster Plate Releases!!

OMG!!! Look how freaking cute these new plates are!! Click the picture to enlarge it. I am in love with their leopard print image, the flowers, the wavy design, the gingerbread man, just everthing on these plates!! Thank god for Cherish always letting me know when the new plates come out because these new ones are just too cute to miss! There is still no word when these plates will be released- but I am more than ready for their arrival.

These might just be my two favorite plates that they've shown us so far! (along with the halloween designs plate) Which designs are your favorite from these new plates? And how anxious are you for BM to release these new plates already!!?? 


  1. Awwwwww gingy is soooo cute! I'm not sure if I'll get them, but I definetely want this gingy plate. :))

  2. Anonymous12.4.11


  3. I love the design on the left plate, bottom one!

  4. *Ivana~ you should def. get them!! I'll do a really good review on them after I get them and compare them to the old set and the konad plates to help you decide =)
    *BeautyAddict~ Me too!!! I cannot wait anymore!
    *Deborah~ It is very cute!! Almost reminds me of a sweater kinda lol.

  5. super cute! i want them all !!

  6. I love these two! That gingerbread one is so cute. Even if I don't know what the design around him is.

    I'm thinking if the contest ends April 20th, then this set will probably be released sometime between then and the end of April? Eons away. lol

  7. *Chell~ I WANT THEM ALL NOW TOO!! lol
    *PurpleGreenJoy~ I think there are like holly leaves around the gingerbread man, or some sort of leaves anyway. & that is exactly what I am thinking. Once their contest is over, the plates should be available! I am hoping at least! Because that would mean just a few more days of waiting!! =)


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