Pink Wednesdays | Abstract Pink & Silver Nail Art Design

This is my first mani for Pink Wednesdays and of course I used my new bundle monster image plates. I have a bunch of designs in my head that I want to try with my new image plates, so be ready for lots of nail designs in the next few weeks. =) I was a bit overwhelmed with all the plates in front of me, so I tried out the design I saw on BM's facebook, but with different colors since I wanted to wear pink. lol There is a few bald spots on some of my nails from where the stamp didn't fully adhere, but this was the first time I used them and I didn't have this problem when stamping my other hand.

Pink Color: Sinful Colors "Forget Now"
Silver Color: Sally Hansen "Pure Chrome"
Image Plate: BM-208

Have you seen any nail designs with the new BM image plates yet? If so, leave a link in the comments! I would love to see it! =)


  1. So pretty! After seeing all those plates in your last post I went right over and ordered from BM! I couldn't pass those up!

  2. I used a new BM plate on my last mani! http://rainbowsandsparklesblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/tronica-swirly-rainbow-and-new-bundle.html

    Yours is so cute! It looks like shattered glass!

  3. I really like the shatter design over the pink. It's cute yet edgy! I'm liking it!

    I like the pics with the Dandelions, (is that what they are called?) they remind me of my childhood. My neighbor and I would pop the "heads" off the stems and see who could shoot them the farthest lol

  4. Ooh I Like them, they're great.

  5. I love that mani... *taps head as inspiration begins to take shape :)

  6. Love it, I'm with you on the designs in the head, Now to find the time to do it. LOL

  7. The new mani looks very nice and loving the use of the new BM plates. They're definitely on my "items to get" list right now.

  8. thanks for all the comments!!!<33 I truely appreciate each and every one of them!

    *forever92~ yes they are called dandelions & I did the same thing with them when I was a kid too! haha =)
    *rainbows&sparkles~ I loved your design & the rainbow effect you created! Well done! <3

  9. This mani looks fantastic!!!
    I can't wait for my new BM plates to arrive too ^_^

  10. Love this design! The different colours look great! x

  11. Aw wow this design is amazing!!! Love the pink and silver broken glass effect =)
    Btw would you do me the biggest favour ever and show a mani design with that high heel pattern stamp from the new BM plates?? Pretty please?! =) Lol its just that I havn't ordered the new plates yet (it seems too much since I only recently bought that giant plate for myself!) and I really really want to see that stamp design =)
    Thank you!

  12. And sorry for that essay lol =P
    Also I just remembered that i'v passed on another blog award to you! =)

  13. I love these! Hey, I tagged you for the kreativ blogger award. Go grab it from my page!

  14. reminds me of cracked easter egg lol i love it :) and great colour choices

    shel xx

  15. I see you haven't been blogging, in like, forever, so thougt I would let you know that these nails are famous:


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