New Bundle Monster Plate!

Bundle Monster released a new image plate! If you want to learn more info visit their facebook page or you can visit Cherish's blog -since she is usually the first blogger to keep us updated on BM's new releases. =)

If you want to get their new set for free, visit their facebook page and enter their contest. Your design should include BM products and the top 25 designs that get the most "likes" will win their new set! The contest ends on April 11th- I am wondering if that is when the new set will be available for sale...

So what do you think of this new plate? I love the little sleigh for xmas and the shoe design! How cute! What designs do you hope are on their new set? I think it would be nice to have some palm trees or hibiscus flowers for summer, or a firework design for 4th of July! Either way, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of fun images to play with on this new set! =D

1 comment:

  1. Looks very good, love the combination of a white plate with black letters or small designs like these ones.


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