CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Half Moon Deco Nail Art Design

The nail art design that I had in my head when I first started was far from this design. lol But I kinda like the designs that drift away from your original idea, because it usually always ends up being a cute design that you would have never thought of. It was going to be much more simple design, but I tried to do the half moon shape free hand instead of using a nifty sticker to make it easier. Needless to say the ends were a bit choppy, then thats when I used the chain to cover up the uneven line and the jewels just followed lol.

Pink Color: Sally Hansen "Pink Jade Chrome"
Glitter Color: Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Rhinestones, Pearls, & Beads: Etsy.com, DollarNailArt.com, Born Pretty Store, Joanns.com

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