CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Berry & Gold Deco Nail Art Design

**See note below about swatch**
(Not color accurate)

Berry Color: Sinful Colors "Dream On"
Rhinestones & Hexagons: Joanns.com & Ebay.com
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I wish this color showed up the way it did in the pictures. Well, actually it was a lot lighter in the sun, but inside this color is almost a deep red. This color made it entirely impossible for me to get pics that were color accurate. In the bottle, this color is a brighter purple-ish color, almost a cross between plum and hot pink. I think the fact that I used 3 coats to have an even finish (the color streaks a bit), it made the color a lot darker. Also, another weird thing about this color, it dries matte. I am not sure if it is suppose to, or if it is a defective polish, but a few of my Sinful Colors polishes do this. 

I took the pics below with my cell phone. Not the best quality, but the color shows up a lot more accurately in these pics so I had to post them ..


  1. I love these nails! Its so hard to find gems etc in the uk :(

  2. Thank you! & They are so hard to find in the US too!! I had to order all my nail art supplies on ebay from a seller in China. Ebay is def. the way to go when looking for nail art supplies. It can get a bit expensive since they mostly sell in bulk, but i'd rather buy more now than having to keep ordering stuff every other month. =)

  3. Hy there!! I have found your blog and I'm very glad because you have a lot of interesting subjects and nail designs. I will follow you for sure. if you are in the mood for some nail designs please do not hesitate to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.


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