KONAD NAIL ART DESIGN | Feather Nail Art Designs

This design I did a really long time ago, like before I knew all about pure acetone, Seche Vite, and the importance of a base coat. Yeah, that long ago. But nonetheless, I decided I would still post it. I found these on my computer and I still like the design although I would amp it up if I did it today.

Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Silver Stamping Color: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup "Pure Chrome"
Pink Stamping Color: NYC Foil Nail Enamel "Foil'er Up"
Konad Stamping Plate: M77


  1. wow such a wonderful design i love those feathers a lot waaa i super love it =) btw i tagged you on a award i dunno if you already got that but please accept it and i find your blog so stylish


  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad I posted it now! Thank you very much for the award! It is my first. But I'm still new to this blogging thing and I don't know how to accept it =/ .. i'll leave a comment on ur blog and see if there is a way I can figure it out <33


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