Week 2: Nail Art Scans!! // Winter & Holiday Inspiration!!

Ask & you shall receive!! I got lots of comments on my last nail art scan post, so I figured I can make this a regular thing. Since the holidays are just around the corner, I am going to post winter/christmas designs until the end of December. After that I can post other themes & might even be able to take requests for themes!

 ^^ I would love to wear this for new years!!^^

I think the last nail design, minus the xmas tree would be a cute idea for the half moon nails for the 31 day nail challenge! I might have to recreate it with different colors and possibly a different design. Speaking of the 31 day nail challenge... I have my orange nails on now and was going to take pictures of them today, but I broke  my middle finger nail down to the finger tip! Grr! Oh well, at least I can trim them all down and start fresh. As for the design, I will still post my orange nails tonight or tomorrow still, so no worries. =)

Which design is your favorite? Any of them that you would like to re-create? I would love to try those sweater-like designs but would never be able to finish my right hand lol.


  1. Of course! Nordic sweater designs! Why haven't we tried this sooner?

  2. Thanks for doing this! These all look too complicated for me to attempt though!

  3. I love them all! Thank you for these scans, its amazing you'r sharing them with us =))))

  4. I want to try that plaid/checkered one! ahhh actually I want to try them all!

  5. that's so cool give me alot of inspiration :D



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