Teenage Dream & Milani Gold Nails!!

This is one of my most favorite nail polish combos of all time! Me and my boyfriend were celebrating our anniversary and my birthday was only 3 days behind so I wanted to do a simple nail design that I could wear for both occasions. At first I was going to go super simple with a few coats of OPI's "Teenage Dream." (Which by the way, is one of my favorite glitter polishes to wear without any base color) But then I was deciding on what outfit to wear and I had just bought an open knit sweater with gold sequins. That is when I decided to add some more sparkle to my nails by applying a coat of Milani's "Gold" which helped match my nails perfectly to my outfit! This color combo is a great way to wear glitter on your nails while still keeping it simple, yet pretty.

Btw. I just got the *NEW* iPhone 4S !!! My previous phone was the first Moto Droid, so at first I hated my new iPhone. I was soo used to android and was surprised about the lack of stuff you can't do on the iPhone that you can do with android phones. Unless you want to jailbreak your phone of course. lol But all of that changed as soon as I took a picture with my new phone! I was in love by the first click of the shutter button. I have never had a phone that took photos this amazing!! The color, focus, everything about the camera is just perfect, especially when shooting in macro. Apple was definitely right when they said that the new camera was going to compete with your standard point and shoot camera! Don't believe me? Look for yourself! ALL THESE PICS WERE TAKING USING MY NEW IPHONE 4S!! Which works out perfectly for me now that my digital camera is not charging AGAIN!! I am about to use my iPhone for all my blog posts from now on.


  1. gorgeous nails and the picture quality is so good too! xx

  2. hey girl, wanted to let you know that i saw someone using your pictures without crediting you -
    http://nailsnailsetc.blogspot.com/ theres a few different ones w/ your watermark on them.

  3. wow1! great mani!! love the idea! :)

  4. You're very welcome! I'm so glad I could help! And this is such a pretty mani! : )

  5. *irishenchantment~ thank u soo much!! I was uber impressed with the camera quality as well! ;)
    *Cathryn~ thanks so much for letting me know!! What is with these ppl stealing posts from other bloggers?! I don't see how they benefit from it lol
    *Carissakuo~ thanks you!!<33
    *Deriniti~ thanks SOO much!! I spent weeks trying to figure it out & u saved me so much time! =) xx

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