Bundle Monster Image Plates Review

I ordered my bundle monster image plates about a month ago and wanted to wait till I've used them a few times before reviewing. Bundle Monster image plates can be bought on Amazon.com or you can click this link. You will get 21 images plates, with a total of 139 designs 'for only $17.99!! Bundle Monster also has a bunch of other great deals on rhinestones and nail cane sticks. I took detailed pictures of all the image plates so you can really get a good look at them. Please keep in mind that I took the pictures with the protective film still on the image plates, hence the reason some look like they have scratches.

Many people complain about the full sized images being too small, and I agree. I took this picture to compare my nail to the full sized image so you can get an idea of their true size. When I used the full images, they fit on all my nails except my thumb. The design had gaps between the edges of my nail on my thumb only.

I have also read in reviews that the sides of these image plates are sharp and cut themselves when using these image plates. I have not had this problem, but if you do, covering the bottom with masking tape or a thin foam should fix the problem.
* The price! Your not going to find a deal anywhere else where you can get 17 images plates for $17.99. (if you do let me know. lol)
* Lots of cute designs, and they even have an image for just about every holiday which makes me very happy =)
* Full sized images could be bigger.
* Some of the designs could have a little more detail.
Overall, I would definately suggest buying these. This set would be great for beginners or nail junkies that can never have too many nail supplies. I have another picture below of some swatches I've made with the new image plates. If you clicked the link above for where to buy these, you can see the swatches below on amazon under "customer images."


  1. I'll check these out in amazon! I heard about them before, but I was concerned they wouldn't be as good as konad. Your stamping looks really sharp, so I reckon they would be Ok.
    Thanks for letting me know!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. Your very welcome!! Glad to help<333


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