Bundle Monster Nail Art | Purple Nail Art

Heres the nail design I just took off. I am thinking of a new design for my nails now, so I might post again tomorrow. I have the products I used listed below in the order I used them.

Base Color: Pure Ice "Scandal"
Wheel Image: BM 03
Purple Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Outrageous"
Blue Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Pussy Cat"

Is it just me, or when you get the time to sit down and do your nails, and your looking at all your nail polishes and image plates, you have NO idea what the heck you wanna do with your nails? lol That is what I am going through right now. I am thinking of painting my nails a light pink, with a darker pink to do a slanted french tip, then some design on the darker pink, with a silver stripe seperating the colors. Not sure how much I am going to love it, but I will be posting pics of it very soon. Oh yeah, I was trimming my nails earlier and went to clip my pointer finger to straighten the tips a little, and I accidently just clipped my nail clean off! It looks soo silly since the nails next to it have started to get longer, but oh well, since I got a nice straight cut it should grow back nicely lol.


  1. ooh, Scandal is such a pretty color! and i agree. right when i sit down to do my nails, my mind starts to go blank...or it fills up with so many ideas, i dont know which to do. haha =P

  2. I'm in love with this color, although now I want a lighter plum shade of course lol. Thanks so much for the comment, I am still new at whole blog thing and I get so excited when I get a comment. lol <3


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