Bundle Monster Nail Art | Fall / Autumn 2010 Nail Art

This purple polish is new to my collection. It is from Sally Hansen's Insta Dry Fast line in "Pronto Purple."OMG this is one of the prettiest purples in my opinion. I really really should of took pictures of this color by itself before I started designing them, but I will add a swatch I found at the end of this post. My only complaint about this nail polish was it was kinda thick and goopy. Some nails the application was very nice, and on others it wasn't such a good experience. lol But it is such a pretty color that I was going to make it work. I have the products I used listed below in the order I used them ..

Base (Purple) Color: Sally Hansen "Pronto Purple"
Sheer Purple Glitter Color: Pure Ice "Busted"
Leaf Image: BM 04
Light Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Feeling Hot"
Pink Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Love"

And here is the swatch I found courtesy of Steph's Closet.

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