Pretty Pedicure

Base Color: Pure Ice "Feeling Hot"
Glitter Color: Hard Candy "Break Up"

I bought 3 new nail polishes yesterday. 1 of the 2 was Hard Candy in "Break Up" which is a clear polish with large holographic hexagon like glitter. Whenever I get a new nail polish, I do a few swatches on a paper plate and do a few tests runs to figure out which combinations I like best. This polish's glitter has a different effect with each nail polish you put under it. I like this combination the best since I felt like they complimented eachother very well. There is a little bit of a rough texture after this nail polish dries, but I was still able to stamp over it.


  1. This is gorgeous!! And your photos look amazing!

  2. Anonymous28.6.12

    Your toes are beautiful! kinda hot ;)

  3. So neat and pretty.


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