Cute New Nail Art Designs & Overdue Update

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogisphere lately and kept you girls hanging for like a month. lol I was super busy with my finals at school but I did pass & graduate! *Yay* But now that all of that is over and I have my head on straight, I can continue to blogging. Other than that my camera decided to stop working. (I think I need a new charger) So I haven't been able to snap pics of my nail designs since my last post. I've tried taking pics with my phone but the quality sucks- so my only other option was borrowing my Mom's camera, but I can't hang on to it- so needless to say, taking pics has proved to be quite difficult lol. I am going to Best Buy tomorrow though to see if there is anything they can do.  On the flip side- I figured out why my camcorder wasn't reading my SD cards- so with that problem out of the way, I can start filming tutorials again. Of course, I wouldn't leave all that time without having some nail art designs to show you! I am going to have to edit this post with the products I used so I don't have to keep you waiting any longer, but if there is something in particular you want to know the name of, leave a comment!

There is another mani or two that I need to post, the pics are on my phone so once I email them to myself, I'll post them for you.

In other news
someone is stealing my blog posts!!
Check out the link above. After looking at her blog- you will be able to see that she took several of my blog posts. Not only did she use my pics without asking, linking me back, or at least giving me ANY credit, she copy and pasted my posts WORD FOR WORD! I bet you will find some other nail blogger's posts on there as well. This is one of the main reasons I watermark my pics- so if someone does use them without giving me credit, people can still find my blog. Don't get me wrong though, I love it & I am actually flattered when my followers like my nail art so much they can't help but to share my designs. Which is A-okay with me because they always at least link back. But I am not cool with someone who has been on my blog, likes it enough to take the time to copy & paste my posts, save my pics, update their blog, but they can't take 2 seconds to leave me a comment or at least LINK ME BACK! All my other fellow nail bloggers know how much time, effort, and money it takes for us to run our blogs, keep posting, keeping the content up to date, answering comments, etc. - so it is definitely discouraging when someone steals something you put so much time into. The other thing is- this girl has NO way of contacting her through her blog, so if anyone knows a way I can get around that or how I can report her, please let me know in the comments. IF NAILARTBEAUTIFUL IS READING THIS PLEASE REMOVE MY WORK FROM YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that- I will have more posts, update my poll question, update my NOTW, & some other fun stuff by the end of this week. Has anyone planned out their 4th of July nails yet?? I think I figured out what I will be doing and I am thinking of filming a tutorial with it! =)


  1. waahhh! that's so cute! i need to try it! can i? :)

    visit my blog :)

  2. I'm glad you got all your finals done and I'm so sorry to hear someone has been stealing your content. That's too bad especially since you put so much time into your posts. These pics are great and I really like the metallic ones a lot.


  3. Wow she even post them with your BLOG LINK! Thats sick! She also turned Comments off.

  4. Okay, you should report her blog because she obviously stole your work. :/ Not fair at all! I don't watermark my pics because I didn't find a way that I'd like. But I'd think about that too!

    And yaaay, I'm so happy to see you back! I's checking your blog if something is wrong with my feed and I don't see your updates. :D
    And congrats for your graduation!

  5. Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

  6. I saw the blog with your pics and others I have recognized.
    There's only one word to describe someone to takes something without permission...
    I agree you should report her!

  7. OMG Prettyfulz!!! YAYAYYY i'm soooo glad your back!!! =)))) And congrats on passing!
    I ♥ all of the designs you'v shown =]
    And omg seriously go post a comment on her blog telling her that your not happy with what she's done, or just report her!
    Gosh, some people these days... =/

  8. WTF, seriously, someone has the low self esteem to copy someone else's creative work!! Isn't that just admitting that the person doesn't have the ideas and skills herself? Plus that's clearly stealing and should be reported. I just launched my own blog (talon-ted.blogspot com, I'm glad if you stop by) and I'm so proud I've made it all by myself, even though it's very modest.
    By the way, what's the ruby red on your toes in this post? Foil? It's gorgeous!

  9. yay!! Im so happy your back! I just started following your blog right when you left I was like no she does stuff I really do like and I want to do myself sometimes!! Great coming back manis I love them, so cute!

    That girl stealing you posts is so rude! As a person how could you even feel good about something like that. I would say she is just jealous or you FANTASTIC work that she obviously cant achieve. You should definitely report her im not sure how but maybe you can search how to. I hope she stops now that she probably saw this post since she is copying your other posts! Good luck!<3

    Yes I have planed my 4th of July mani! Im excited to see what you came up with!(:

  10. They all look gorgeous!

  11. welcome back :D they all looks sooo cute <3

  12. Looks like she does have a Facebook account under anty_luph@yahoo.com.
    Maybe they aren't educating young ladies in Indonesia about plagiarism and what constitutes a link back. I hope she likes this comment :)

  13. 1st time I come across your blog but I'll come again, for sure! Your blog is very intersting and pretty! You do a great job!

    I love all your designs here.
    I'd like to know what you used for the 4th and 5th image. It looks so pretty! Are they Minx?

  14. oh my goodness, those are all so cute! sorry that someone is stealing your posts :(


  15. It's all awesome! Love it!


  16. love you're nails
    I'm now a follower from you're blog.

    I would like if you visit my blog:


  17. I'm a new follower, and saw this in your archives. There's a website that performs a reverse image search. So you upload an image, and it tracks down where that image is used elsewhere. It doesn't always track stuff down, but it's definitely more than doing a cold search on your own. It's called tiny eye, and it's www.tinyeye.com. Hope that helps you sniff out thieves!

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