Sinful Colors Nail Swatches

This color is really pretty and is on my nails right now. It is a pale yellow shimmery gold kinda color lol.

I expected this color to be sheer, but it actually showed up better than I thought. This would be really pretty as a top coat.

Again, this color is also more sheer than I thought it would be. However, it is not sheer enough to work as a top coat. The color might show up better with 3-4 coats.

This color is sooo pretty. It kinda has a holographic effect to it. I wish the color was just a little more potent, but it does show up very well with 2 coats.

You can get away with only 1 coat of this polish. The color is very true to how it looks in the bottle.

I realllllyyy wish that this color showed up *exactly* the way it looks in the bottle. But once again, it was more sheer than what I have hoped for. It does make a beautiful top coat on almost any color.

This is a vibrant hot pink with a pretty shimmer. Color shows up great with 2 coats.

For some reason this was the only nail polish that dried with a matte finish. Once you apply a top coat though, you could never tell. This color shows up exactly the color it is in the bottle.

When I first saw this color I thought it was show up as a very dark, almost plum colored purple with purple glitter. It wasn't exactly sheer, dosn't show up the same color as the bottle, and I wouldn't reccomend using this color as a top coat either. Maybe 3-4 coats would really make this color pop.

You would never think this polish is as sheer as it is when looking at in the bottle. But as you can see on the nail swatch, it is very sheer.

Overall, I am more of a fan of colors that are very vibrant, potent, and are true to the color they are in the bottle.


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