Spring Flower Nail Art Design & Poll Results!

I did this mani specifically so I could do a tutorial for an easy beginner nail art design and just guess what happened? MY CAMERA NEVER RECORDED IT!! Ahh! =( It recorded everything except when I did my ring finger- which was the whole point of the video. lol Needless to say I am a little bummed, but I will either do another design with this technique, or I might just repaint 2 fingers like I did for the last tutorial. No biggie! But if you wanted to achieve this effect it is super easy. Here is how you do it. Paint your nails a white color for a base. Pick 4 spring colored polishes, and gently tap the brush onto random spots on your nail. Then take a green polish and make little V's and lines to create "leaves" and your done! Easy right? But you know me, and I had to bring it up a notch, so here is the same design with some sparkle ...

UPDATE: I made a tutorial for this design. Click here to see how it's done! =)

& here is the long list of products used ...

-Ring Finger-
Pink Color: Sinful Colors "Cream Pink"
Blue Color: Sinful Colors "Savage"
Purple Color: China Glaze "Spontaneous"
Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"
Green Color: Revlon "Emerald City"

-Other Fingers-
Pink Color: Finger Paints - "I Pink I Can"

-Rhinestones & Decorations-
Ebay.com & JoAnns.com

Also, I got the idea for my new watermark from Abby at Lovely In Laquer, who just posted an amazingly pretty pink glitter gradient nail design you should check out =). I loved this idea and thought it looked sooo cute. I made my watermark into a brush and I have to admit it made my life so much easier when it came to editing my pics. I got a few designs I'm fiddling with, so you'll see the variation of them on my upcoming posts. =)

Now onto the poll results. Last week, I asked my lovely readers how many nail polishes they had in their collection. What prompted me to ask this question is there was a few blogs I read that mentioned their polish count at about 600-800+!!! I started to think this was the average number of polishes for a nail blogger to have and was wondering if I should be embarrassed of my polish counter on the side lmao! But then I just asked and was happy to see that most of you had the same amount of polishes as me! =D Although there was a few votes for 400+ polishes.. sigh.. those lucky, lucky girls. lol
I will be posting a new poll question on my blog when I am done with this & I also have some new polishes and swatches I have to show you in the next few days!


  1. This is so pretty- i LOVE your ring finger!! It's kind of looks like watercolors- lovely! And your watermark is really cute! I can't wait to see what variations you do, and which one you decide on haha (:

  2. thats so pretty!!! <3 it!

  3. Looks great!! I was one of the 400-600 polishes votes I was a little ashammed to admit I have that many! I really like your polish counter I keep track how many and which polishes I have on a spreadsheet.

  4. I'd love to see this tutorial if you decide to redo it!

  5. This is gorgeous. I literally gasped out loud.

  6. OMG Julie your accent nail is beautiful!! Your others are too, but that one really stands out! :o)

    i have to try this now!!

  7. Your nails are so pretty, the floral one is so cool. I like how you just did one nail like that. Great blog
    Following you now. :)
    I have a fashion blog here in SF.


  8. Gorgeous!! And I love the new water mark! I just found a new font that I started using... it's curly and fun! lol

  9. Thank you for all the sweet comments!! =)

    *Abby~ thanks so much for the idea!!
    *Shadow~ don't be ashamed! Me & every other girl would love to have that many polishes & it does take time to collect that many. & I wanna make a spreadsheet for my polishes now lol.
    *Freshie~ I'm thinking I might upload a picture tutorial this week! =)
    *PurpleGreenJoy~ haha awww! Ur comment made me literally laugh out loud! lol I loved it!!<3
    *Jess~ Yay! ty! If you ever try it out I would love to see it!!
    *Dale~ ty so much! I am your newest follower!
    *Amber~ Thanks! & aww that sounds soo cute! I'll have to check out ur blog to see it! <33

  10. Anonymous3.4.11

    this is so pretty! you picked the perfect colors

  11. huohh! i thought the ring finger was a foil nail, but after read ans see it closely, it's you own painting! this is so creative. i wish you do a tutorial of this. im in love with this

  12. Girly nail art design :) more nail art design visit this website http://www.glitternailproduct.imsets.com/

  13. Background design is really attractive.. I'll be darned! I've never even HEARD of the dotting tool! Awesome! You make it look so easy.. Thanks..


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