Nail Art Challenge: Wallpaper/Background Inspired - Abstract Konad Nail Art & Tutorial!!

Here is a mani that I did a few weeks ago. I really wish that I was able to get a better picture of this beautiful design. I was using my Mom's camera and the pics looked really good, until I got them on the computer and saw that 98% of them were blurry, which is usually not the case with her camera. I also got my camera back from Best Buy!!! So be prepared for regular posting again! I felt so lost without having my camera an updating lol.

I got the idea for this design from a background I had on my cell phone, which I will upload a picture of shortly. The reason this post is titled Nail Art Challenge is because I was debating whether or not I wanted to have contests on my blog. I had sooo many ideas for different themes that I thought it would be way too hectic to organize contests around all of them. So I decided that I would try nail art challenges instead, where I challenge myself and YOU to create nail art designs based on a theme. For this challenge, try to create a nail art design based off of a background on your phone, desktop wallpapers for your computer, or even the wallpaper on your walls. I will post all designs that I receive on this post, so if you have one that works, old or new, submit a link to your design, along with a pic of the background/wallpaper that inspired you and I will feature the design on this page! =) There is no deadline, so even if you see this months from now, feel free to send your design. The only rule I guess is that it has to be your design, not someone elses.

I will do these challenges every week or every other week. I figured it would be something fun to do for all the nail art enthusiasts, or if you are just "stuck" and need some inspiration for a new design. If you have any other ideas too, leave them in the comments and I will definitely consider them.

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Blue Color: Sinful Colors "Loves Nails"
Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"
Green Color: Sinful Colors "Irish Green"
Black Color: Konad special polish in "Black Pearl"
Konad Plates: M65 & M77
Bundle Monster Plate: BM19
Rhinestones: Ebay.com

The editing for this vid is less than perfect and I had some technical difficulties, but I got it done. There is also an audio swap in progress so I apologize if you have to watch the video in silence until it uploads lol. So now more talking, here is the tutorial I made for this look ...


Adoree Swatches & Update!

How have all my lovely readers been? Sorry I haven't replied to your comments yet, I really tried to! I think my computer has some kinda Google virus because when I try to reply or leave a comment on any one's blog, it makes me log in, then press send again, then it makes me log in again, then I press send, then I have to log in AGAIN, its a vicious cycle that keeps repeating. lol Not only that, but I can't send attachments on my Gmail account either. =\ But either way, thank you all so much for the comments and your support! I saved all my replies in a draft email so once I get it working again, I'll be all caught up.

So I have some good news too! I received more Adoree nail polishes from the wonderful Thresa at Esther's Nail Center to review for you. Also, if you didn't read my last post- my camera was broken. But luckily I had a 2 year warranty so it is with the geniuses at Geek Squad right now getting fixed. =) Now that that's out of the way are you ready for swatches??

First up is ....
Adoree 501
 This is one of my favorite colors from the bunch. It is a shimmery gold/bronze color that is neutral enough to wear to the office but still glitzy enough to wear on a night out. The picture didn't capture the bronze and shimmery-goodness that you see in person, but nonetheless it is a beautiful color. I wore this color for a week without a single chip before I took it off.

Adoree 502
This is a raspberry color with cool undertones. It also has a small amount of shimmer which adds some dimension and depth to the polish. Above is 2 coats, if you look closely you can see a little bit of my smile line. But if you want this polish to be opaque, just one more coat will do the trick.

Adoree 503
This is another one of my favorite colors. A cool silver with a slight metallic finish. I love how this color is one of those rare polishes that can go from day to night so well. It also would look lovely on any skin tone.

Adoree 504
 The picture does this glitter polish no justice! The glitter in this polish is a holographic and dances in the light. I also like how this polish is jam packed with glitter. I used 1 coat above over Adoree 503, so not exactly a one coat glitter, but with 3 coats you can achieve a more opaque glitter nail.

Adoree 505
This was one of the hardest polishes to capture on camera due to the unique color. It is a warm rosy color that would be perfect for the fall season. It appears to have soft pink and orange undertones and I have never seen a polish quite this color.

Like I said in my previous Adoree review post, these polishes are a great deal. The bottle holds as much polish as the Orly brand, which is more than most nail polish brands. The color is very pigmented, unique, and long lasting. My favorite thing about these polishes is their dry time. They dry really quickly, so this is a good polish to use when you are running out the door or have limited time to get ready. The polishes also dry with a high shine- in the pictures above I have on NO top coat and the colors are still have a mirror like finish. One other unique thing about these polishes is that they a nail hardener treatment in them, which is great for people growing out their nails, or want their nails to stay long without breaking!

Adoree has a HUGE selection of colors, so feel free to check out their website and find the perfect color for you!

I hope you liked the review! I will have more nail designs coming very soon along with a tutorial. Which colors are your favorite? Have you ever tried Adoree polishes? What did you think?

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