DIY Edgy Safety Pin Bracelet & Tutorial !! .. *Pic Heavy*

I saw a bracelet like this online and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to recreate it myself. It was surprisingly simple but it does require some patience. It took a couple of hours for me to make it while taking breaks in between. I LOVE the way it turned out & this won't be the last bracelet I make like this.

If you want to make this bracelet too, here are the materials you will need.

These were a little bigger than an inch and came with 70 safety pins in a pack. I used all 70 and I could have used a couple more, so I would recommend  buying 2 packs just to be on the safe side.

Each of these vial of beads cost $2.99 & I have enough beads leftover to make at least 4 more bracelets.
(I am thinking of making a very similar bracelet but with smaller safety pins with my left over beads)

I bought this a while ago so I don't remember how much it was, but it's just a thin stretchy elastic. I'm going to guess it is about 1mm thick.

Of course, you will need some scissors as well and then you will have everything you need to get started ..

 Step 1
 Pour some of the beads in a dish.

Step 2
Next you just want to line the pointy end of the safety pins with beads. I alternated colors and patterns to give the bracelet some more visual interest.

Step 3
Bead a bunchhhh of safety pins. =P

Step 4
Start threading the elastic through the holes on the bottom and top of the safety pins. Alternate threading them from top to bottom. 
*TIP* Cut a piece of elastic a few inches longer than your wrists. It will make it easier to tie it together when you are done.

Step 5 
Thread another piece of elastic through the other ends of the safety pins.

Here is a better picture to show how you how to alternate the safety pins.

Continue threading the safety pins till the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrists. It helps if you measure your wrist with a piece of paper then cut it out and use it as a template to know when your bracelet is long enough.

Step 5
Once your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist tie the ends together, then tie those ends together to make the bracelet more secure. If you want extra security you can glue the knots and also the two safety pins next to the knot together.

& your done!

What do you think? Easy enough? I have a few more DIY projects I'll be doing so if you like this sort of thing, let me know in the comments and I will keep the tutorials coming. =D


  1. Love it! I have to try this sometime. :) And at least I'd be interested in more DIY tutorials. :)

  2. I want to do this....yes , more please!! :)

  3. This is such a good idea!! It looks professional, you cant even tell its safety pins! (:

  4. Wow! I love this! It looks so cool and better than some stuff we find in the shops! Plus, it's custom made :) Well done :)

  5. Beautiful i made these to a long time ago when i was a child.
    Bud i must say this one you made is very beautiful. The colours combinate beautifuly.

    xx Iris

  6. I Love making safety pin bracelets!

  7. Anonymous4.3.12

    I knew your Mom was talented and creative. I think you got your creative gene from her!!! WTG I love this bracelet some much. I am going to make some for summer.

  8. It looks professional, you cant even imagine its safety pins!

  9. Thank you for you're sweet comment and that you became my new follower.
    My reaction on you're question is on my blog below you're comment.

    xx Iris

  10. I give you a blog award.
    Check my post for more information and for the award.

  11. great idea, love your blog!!

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    please enter!
    xo, layla

  12. Anonymous10.4.12

    Hey! I just love your blog!! I have done Safety Pin Bracelets before but everytime I do them the Safety Pins pop open! o.O What do you suggest I do?
    P.S. you can email me here!


  13. LeslieAK6.9.12

    I make mine slightly different - I put a silver bead (not sure on specifics, but not a seedbead; between 1/8" and 1/4") between safety pins. You don't have to make as may pins this way. It does give it a slightly different look, so weigh your options. I love the look of this with the seedbeads. I used rock chip beads. Love them both! Thanks for posting this!

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  15. Anonymous12.5.13

    Great job!

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  18. Anonymous13.11.13

    First time I saw this bracelet my sister brought back from the Greek island. I decided to look it up on line .it the same exact one beautiful..can't wait to see what you make next..

  19. can you please tell me what all those colors are? I am trying to make one with this color combo because it matches this purse I made for my cousin almost exactly.

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  21. Anonymous20.6.14

    Use needle nose pliers to squeeze the pins closed so they can't pop open while you are wearing the bracelet.

  22. Your blog is really nice. Its sound really good

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