Blue Polka Dot Nail Art & Love Letter Nails!!

So here is a nail art design that I did a week or so ago. It is super easy to do & if you don't have any rhinestones you can always use on of those LA Color Nail Art polishes in silver glitter and make a stripe down the nail instead. I started by painting my nails white, then adding the blue color on half the nail, added my black polka dots, then rhinestones. 

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
Blue Color: Orly "Frisky"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer"
Rhinestones: Ebay.com

Also, I ran out of daylight when it came time to my Valentine's Day nails, and I did them right before dinner, so I was unable to post them in a reasonable time, but I still figured I would share. I am sure you have seen this design floating around the internet and I saw it last year, and couldn't wait to try it out next Valentine's Day. I painted my nails white, transferred the newspaper design, then added the heart image on the corner of my nails. Such a simple concept with a big impact.

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
Pink Color: Sally Hansen "Pink Jade Chrome"
Image Plate: BM 02


Striped Candy Shop Nail Art Design!!

After I did this nail design it reminded me of a candy shop, hence the name of the post lol. I started off by painting my nails pink then adding white stripes after the polish dried. I have been getting semi-sorta lazy about doing Konadicures only because I have to wait so long for the polish to dry before I could start stamping. Since I have had less time to do my nails lately, I decided I could try some non-stamping nail art. Although, I do have some Spring nail art designs swirling around my head right now that will require me to break out my stamping plates. lol I let someone borrow the pink polish I used for this design, and I can't remember the name of it if my life depended on it so I will have to update this post when I get it back. Here is a list of all the other products used ..

Pink Color: Sally Hansen *Will update post with polish color =/
White Color: LA Colors Art Deco Striper polish in white
Rhinestones & Pearls: All from ebay =)

That is all for now. I have 2 other nail art designs that I have pictures for, so I will be updated again soon.

Have you started your Spring nail art designs yet? If so, leave the link to your post in the comments. I would love to see them. =P


DIY Edgy Safety Pin Bracelet & Tutorial !! .. *Pic Heavy*

I saw a bracelet like this online and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to recreate it myself. It was surprisingly simple but it does require some patience. It took a couple of hours for me to make it while taking breaks in between. I LOVE the way it turned out & this won't be the last bracelet I make like this.

If you want to make this bracelet too, here are the materials you will need.

These were a little bigger than an inch and came with 70 safety pins in a pack. I used all 70 and I could have used a couple more, so I would recommend  buying 2 packs just to be on the safe side.

Each of these vial of beads cost $2.99 & I have enough beads leftover to make at least 4 more bracelets.
(I am thinking of making a very similar bracelet but with smaller safety pins with my left over beads)

I bought this a while ago so I don't remember how much it was, but it's just a thin stretchy elastic. I'm going to guess it is about 1mm thick.

Of course, you will need some scissors as well and then you will have everything you need to get started ..

 Step 1
 Pour some of the beads in a dish.

Step 2
Next you just want to line the pointy end of the safety pins with beads. I alternated colors and patterns to give the bracelet some more visual interest.

Step 3
Bead a bunchhhh of safety pins. =P

Step 4
Start threading the elastic through the holes on the bottom and top of the safety pins. Alternate threading them from top to bottom. 
*TIP* Cut a piece of elastic a few inches longer than your wrists. It will make it easier to tie it together when you are done.

Step 5 
Thread another piece of elastic through the other ends of the safety pins.

Here is a better picture to show how you how to alternate the safety pins.

Continue threading the safety pins till the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrists. It helps if you measure your wrist with a piece of paper then cut it out and use it as a template to know when your bracelet is long enough.

Step 5
Once your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist tie the ends together, then tie those ends together to make the bracelet more secure. If you want extra security you can glue the knots and also the two safety pins next to the knot together.

& your done!

What do you think? Easy enough? I have a few more DIY projects I'll be doing so if you like this sort of thing, let me know in the comments and I will keep the tutorials coming. =D


Comfy Sweater Nails & More Updates!!

Here is my newest nail art design. I was inspired by a sweater that I have & wanted to create nails to match my winter wardrobe. I had this idea floating around in my head back since Fall and was unpaitently waiting for Winter weather to do this design. 

Gray Color: Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"
White Color: Konad Special Polish "White"
Black Color: Konad Special Polish "Pearl Black"
Image Plates Used: BM204 & BM20

A few days after I went over this mani with Essie's "Matte About You." I think I might actually like this design more with a matte finish. 

About a week ago we had some light snow fall followed by freezing rain. Everything outside looked so pretty and was covered with a thin sheet of ice. As you can see in the second picture, there is ice around each individual pine needle. The ice blue glitter nails went perfectly with the weather.

Polishes Used: Deborah Lippmann "Just Dance" & Wet'n'Wild "Believe me, it's real"

So for some updates. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I am taking block courses at college which are only 7 weeks long. Between work, 5 hour classes, and homework, I am struggling to find time to not only do my nails, but getting any spare time during the day to take pictures.

There is some good news though! I finally got a camera, but not just any camera. I finally caved in and bought a DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T3i to be exact. I hope you noticed the quality of the pictures has upgraded from my last ones. At this time I only have the kit lenses, but I have a macro lens on my wish list which will really take my polish and nail art pictures to the next level.

I promise to start updating more! I am editing pictures now for another post I have coming up which features soft spring colors. I also have a DIY project I am dying to show you! I finished editing the pictures for the tutorial part, but I need to wait until Saturday morning to take pics of the final product. While I am at it, I am going to try to come up with a nail art design to match the bracelet, but we will see how that goes.


Christmas Nail Art 2011 * Mani & Pedi!!

Merry xmas everyone!! I hope your stockings were stuffed with nail polish & you got everything you wished for! <3 I finished this mani yesterday & my boyfriend's mom let me borrow her camera so I could take pics to show you. (= At first, this design was really simple, just green and red nails, then I added the tree design from the BM plates the next day, then decided to "decorate" the tree & this is what I came up with.

Green Nails: Sinful Colors "San Francisco"
Red Nails: Orly "Candy Cane Lane"
Green Color: Sinful Colors "Call You Later"
Tree Image: BM 205

I did this pedi weeks ago but didn't have a camera to take pics with when it was fresh, but that's okay since the gems usually stay on 10x longer on my toes than my nails. I really wanted to do this design on my nails, but I over buffed then and they have been breaking left and right lol. 

White Color: OPI "Happy Anniversary"
Silver Glitter: Wet'nWild "Kaleidoscope"
Gems & Sequins: Ebay.com & BornPrettyStore


Holiday Celebration // Snowflake Nail Art!!

This has to be my favorite snowflake nail design I ever did! I wanted to do a holiday mani without doing the typical red, green, & gold nails. lol So I was thinking more of a bright holiday design instead and this is what I came up with! The first picture is the most color accurate of them all, but it still gives this polish no justice to how it looks in person. When I get my new camera (hopefully soon) I am going to make sure it has exceptional macro capabilities, enough to capture the smallest spec of glitter & shimmer. I just hope I can find it, and in my price range lol. But I did a few layers of different colors on my nails to make the glitter more multi-dimensional. I used some polishes that had contrasting colors of flecks to give the mani more visual interest. Although you cannot tell in the pics, the purple nails have small blue flecks of shimmer, and the blue nails have, you guessed it, small flecks of purple shimmer. To avoid any confusion here is my product list, and if you own some of these polishes you are well aware of the joy they create when using them in layers ..

Purple Nails
Petites Color Fever "Raspberry Ice" (base color) 1 coat
Sally Hansen HD "LCD" (layering color) 1 coat
Orly "Bubbly Bombshell" (main color) 2 coats

Blue Nails
Orly "Halley's Comet" .. 2 coats
Pure Ice "Busted" .. 1 thin coat

Snowflake Image "BM 14"
Konad Special Polish "White"
All rhinestones from ebay =)

And I have some pics that I took with my phone in between times that I didn't have a digi cam on me, so excuse the quality although they aren't too bad for phone pics. lol
Here is the Xmas mani I just took off before I did my current one. I really love how the ring finger came out! I just might have to do that again for my actual Christmas nails. & as you might be able to tell, that nail was inspired by my most recent post of nail art scans, but I did it a bit differently. 

And this is my mani from Thanksgiving. I know, not very Thanksgiving-y but I just reallllyyyy didn't want to wear brown nails that day. lol I was in much more of a pink mood and it matched the scarf I was wearing so it was still a *win* in my opinion. lol

On another note, I wonder if I am the only person who does this. I always want to wear nail colors at the wrong time. For example, I want to wear pink on thanksgiving. Or in the summer I want to wear black, and during the winter I want to wear bright summery colors. I want to do purple and blue nails when its a week before xmas, etc. lol Does anyone else do that too? It isn't only with nails though, I must admit. I am like that about everything. When it is summer I can't wait till its colder outside and I can get comfy in my layers of clothes, and as soon as it is winter, I can't wait to get into shorts and sandals.

 Anyways, enough rambling. I have some extra late Christmas shopping to do & some more pics to edit for my next post. I hope everyone has all their shopping done and can just relax this week! I will post soon loves!!

Week 5: Nail Art Scans!! // Winter & Holiday Inspiration!!

^^I did a mani inspired by the striped nails *will post soon!^^

^^I really want to recreate the tree nails for my xmas mani!^^

Here is the last week of the Holiday nail art scans. I hope it gives you all inspiration for your xmas nails! I am going to try to find some really glittery pretty nail scans to post for New Years inspiration. After that, I will be posting random themes of nail art scans & I can continue the 31 day nail art challenge. =)

*Credit* NailsUp & NailMax magazine. <33
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