CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Half Moon Deco Nail Art Design

The nail art design that I had in my head when I first started was far from this design. lol But I kinda like the designs that drift away from your original idea, because it usually always ends up being a cute design that you would have never thought of. It was going to be much more simple design, but I tried to do the half moon shape free hand instead of using a nifty sticker to make it easier. Needless to say the ends were a bit choppy, then thats when I used the chain to cover up the uneven line and the jewels just followed lol.

Pink Color: Sally Hansen "Pink Jade Chrome"
Glitter Color: Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Rhinestones, Pearls, & Beads: Etsy.com, DollarNailArt.com, Born Pretty Store, Joanns.com

KONAD PEDICURE | Summer Sunburst Nail Art Design

I wanted to do more of a spring pedicure, but the colors and design I think are better for summer. I loved the sunburst/flower image and wanted to use it for a while, it also has a perfect spot in the middle for a rhinestone, so I just couldn't resist.

Base Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Unicorn" (2 Coats)
Bright Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet" (1 Coat)
Pink Stamping Color: Konad Special Polish "Psyche Pink"
Starburst Image: BM02 Bundle Monster


NAIL ART FOIL SWATCH | Snake Skin Nail Art Design

Here is a nail art design I did with my snake skin nail foil. Some parts went on a little bit patchy but I just filled in the gaps with some black nail polish. I didn't put a top coat on because all the ones I have make the foil crackle, so I will update this post again and let you know how long the foils last.

Base Color: Sinful Colors "Easy Going"
Snake Skin Foil: DollarNailArt.com


CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Glitter & Shimmer Nail Art Design

Black Color: Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY"
Pink Glitter Color: Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink"
Chunky Glitter Color: Wet'n'Wild"Party of Five Glitters"
Big & Small Hexagons: Ebay.com

It was difficult to capture all the glitter & shine on this nail design in the pictures, but they still give you the idea. The hexagons that show up green are really a translucent blue color that has green reflects. I lost a hexagon on my thumb before taking these pics. =(  I noticed that you need around 2 coats of top coat to seal these in without them peeling up or off. This would be a really cute nail design for New Years Eve or any celebration, with the same or different colors. This design is really easy to re-create as long as you have the patience to put the hexagons on individually, or you can use a chunky glitter polish to get a similar look in half the time.



Black Color: Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY"
Red Color: Sinful Colors "Gogo Girl"
Hearts, Rhinestones & Hexagons: Ebay.com

I was having no luck when I was doing this design at first. I smudged my nails at least 5 times & I had glitter and rhinestones falling off before I could even apply the top coat. After what seemed like hours, I was finally able to finish them and had just enough sunlight left to take pics. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that I wake up with all the decorations still on and that they at least last till dinner tomorrow night. I did put about 2-3 coats of Seche Vite on, but rhinestones always find a way off my nails. lol

KONAD PEDICURE for Valentine's Day xoxo

White Base & Stamping Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Black Base & Stamping Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Polka Dot Image Plate: Bundle Monster BM 19
Heart Image Plate: Bundle Monster BM 03
Plaid Image Plate: Konad M60

VALENTINE'S DAY NAIL DESIGNS | Random Valentine's Nail Art Samples xoxo

Here are a few nail art designs for Valentine's Day that would have took an entire month to show you if I put them on my own nails. lol So I figured I'd do some samples to show you a few other designs for inspiration while conserving my nail art supply and time. =) I wouldn't have posted this in time if I posted all the polishes and supplies I used, so if there is something your interested in, leave me a comment. x0x0


VALENTINE'S DAY NAIL ART DESIGN | Pink Valentine's Day Nails

Light Pink Color: Sinful Colors "Forever Pink"
Hot Pink Color: Sinful Colors "Oasis"
White Color: Sinful Colors "Tokyo Pearl"
Rhinestones & Hearts: Ebay.com

So here is the first Valentine's day nail design. I'm going to be wearing red on valentines day but I just couldn't resist doing pink nails since that is my fav. color. So for those of you wearing pink, these nails are for you, && for anyone wearing red, your post is coming soon!


KONAD NAIL ART DESIGN | Feather Nail Art Designs

This design I did a really long time ago, like before I knew all about pure acetone, Seche Vite, and the importance of a base coat. Yeah, that long ago. But nonetheless, I decided I would still post it. I found these on my computer and I still like the design although I would amp it up if I did it today.

Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Silver Stamping Color: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup "Pure Chrome"
Pink Stamping Color: NYC Foil Nail Enamel "Foil'er Up"
Konad Stamping Plate: M77

CUTE NAIL ART DESIGN | Berry & Gold Deco Nail Art Design

**See note below about swatch**
(Not color accurate)

Berry Color: Sinful Colors "Dream On"
Rhinestones & Hexagons: Joanns.com & Ebay.com
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I wish this color showed up the way it did in the pictures. Well, actually it was a lot lighter in the sun, but inside this color is almost a deep red. This color made it entirely impossible for me to get pics that were color accurate. In the bottle, this color is a brighter purple-ish color, almost a cross between plum and hot pink. I think the fact that I used 3 coats to have an even finish (the color streaks a bit), it made the color a lot darker. Also, another weird thing about this color, it dries matte. I am not sure if it is suppose to, or if it is a defective polish, but a few of my Sinful Colors polishes do this. 

I took the pics below with my cell phone. Not the best quality, but the color shows up a lot more accurately in these pics so I had to post them ..


PINK DECO NAIL ART DESIGN | Japanese Inspired Nail Art Design

I love this design. It would be super cute for a birthday, valentines, or every day nail design like I am doing right now lol.

Pink Color: Finger Paints "I Pink I Can"
Silver Glitter Color: Wet'n'Wild "Kaleidoscope"
Rhinestones, Pearls, Hexagons: DollarNailArt.com, Joanns.com, Ebay.com

I am brewing up Valentine's nail art designs and I am thinking of posting 2-3 designs for this holiday. Hopefully I will find enough free time to be able to post the pics before Feb 14th since I usually suck at meeting my nail art deadlines. lol But I promise I will make every effort to get those posts up...

PEDICURE NAIL ART DESIGNS | Black & White Pedicure

Ignore the pink fuzzy from my sock on the close up picture. lol I didn't even notice it till I got the pics uploaded on the computer and zoomed in. haha.

White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black On Black"
Gray Color: Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here"
Rhinestones, Pearls, Hexagons: DollarNailArt.com, Joanns.com, Ebay.com

I need to post more pedicure designs, especially since most of my top viewed posts are for "pedicure" searches. Actually, I just need to paint my toenails more often, I wait weeks at a time to change the polish on my toes! =\ But to my defense, it is still winter so NO ONE sees my feet, except for my boyfriend. lol So definately as it starts to get warmer & flip flops become the shoe of choice again, I will be posting more pedicure designs. In the meantime, I don't want to waste any of my precious rhinestones and nail art decorations painting my toenails once or twice a week. So maybe, depending on how much free time I have, I'll try to post a pedicure design once or twice a month.

WINTER NAIL ART DESIGN | Penguin Nail Art Design

Blue Color: Pure Ice "Pussy Cat"
Blue Glitter Color: Pure Ice "Once Again"
White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Black Color: Sinful Colors "Black on Black"

The yellow color I used was from a nail striper polish I bought from the dollar store. The brand is LA Colors, Art Deco and there is no name or number for the color, it's just the yellow one lol.
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