KONAD Nail Art | Spring / Easter Nail Art

Okay so I wanted to do a nail design for spring or easter that wasn't so literal. Instead of doing flowers, and easter eggs, I just decided to use spring-y colors instead.

What I Used:
**Base Coat - Sally Hansen (Hard as Wraps)
**All over nail - Sinful Colors (Easy Going)
**The colors I used for stamping was Konad Special Nail Polish in (Black Pearl), Pure Ice (Pussy Cat), Pure Ice (Outrageous), Sinful Colors (Innocent)
**Konad Image Plate M76, M54, M77 & M60
**Top Coat - Hard as Nail (From Sally's Beauty Supply)

How To Do:
1, Apply Base coat to nails and let dry.
2. Apply 2 coats of Sinful Colors (Easy Going) all over nail.
3, I started using a green polish, Sinful Colors (Innocent), and Image plate 76 (the image with leaves and stars) and applied the polish to half of the design. I stamped the image on the lower right corner of my nails.
4. Next I used a purple color, Pure Ice (Outrageous), and used Image Plate M77 and applied the polish to only half of the design and stamped the image on the middle-left of my nails.
5. Using Image Plate M54 I took the swirly design under the tulips, (image above butterfly), with a blue color, Pure Ice (Pussy Cat), I stamped the upper right corner of my nails.
6. Next I used Konad Special Polish in (Black Pearl) and Image plate M54. I used the entire design on my thumbs, and just the smaller design for the rest of my nails.
7. Apply top coat and allow to dry.

This is my favorite nail design I have done so far. I will be doing another spring look later this week.

Konad Pedicure

Our feet aren't the prettiest parts of our bodies, so I think it helps pretty them up when you have nicely pedicured toes. This is only my 2nd time using Konad, so if you haven't been able to tell, Konad is very easy to use. When I was doing this design though, half-way through, the bow image did not want to pick up!! I waited for an hour or so and tried again and was able to get it to work. I have also noticed that the small (green) side of my stamper does not pick up the images nearly as good as the big (pink) stamper. Anyway .. heres what I used ..

What I Used:
**Base Coat - Sally Hansen (Hard as Wraps)
**All over nail & for the tips on the big toe- Pure Ice (Love)
**All over nail on big toe - Sally Hansen (Cotton Candy)
**Konad Special Polish in (White) and (Psyche Pink)
**Konad Image Plate M77 (Bow design & Part of Flower design) & M60 (Plaid Stripes)
**Nail Art Striping Polish in Silver. (I bought mine from 5Below)

How To Do:
1. Apply Base Coat to All Nails.
2. Paint all toes, except big toe with Pure Ice (Love) 1-2 coats.
3. Apply a coat of Sally Hansen (Cotton Candy) all over big toe
4. After the polish has dried on the big toe, apply a strip of Pure Ice (Love) to the tips.
5. Once all the nail polish has dried, take Konad's special nail polish in (white) and Konad's Image Plate M77 and stamp white bows on all your toes except the big toe.
6. Using the same plate and white special polish, use the flower design on Image Plate M77 (left to the bow) and stamp only the swirly stem part of the image (everything but the flower) and stamp the image on the corner of your big toe.
7. Now using the white special nail polish and Image Plate M60 use the plaid stripes design. With the image long-ways on your stamper, stamp the image only on the pink tips on your big toes.
8. Go back to your M77 Bow image, and using special nail polish in (Psyche Pink) stamp the bow over the swirly white design you did in step 6.
9. Take a silver striping nail polish, and apply a line below the tips on your big toes. This will also help cover up any boo-boos from not applying the plaid design perfectly on the tip.
10. Wait for the silver stripe to dry, then apply a top coat over all toes.

This is a really pretty, flirty, design for your nails or toenails. Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions.

One of my first Konadicures

I will be posting a Konad review very soon. In the meantime, this is only my 3rd konadicure. These are my beautiful mom's nails that I just did the other weekend..

What I Used:
**Base Coat - Sally Hansen (Hard as Wraps)
**All over nail - Sinful Colors (Forget Now)
**Konad Image Plate M77
**Konad Special Nail Polish in (White)
**Top Coat - Hard as Nails (Once again, I am not sure the brand or price, but I bought it from Sally's Beauty Supply)

St Patty's Day Nails

I know, I know, St. Patty's day is already over. Sorry I didn't post the pic earlier but I have been super busy. I figured I would still post it to give people some ideas for next year. Also, please note that this picture does not do any justice for how pretty these colors looked in person.

What I Used:
**Base Coat - Sally Hansen (Hard as Wraps)
**All over nail - Jordana (Shining Star) Bought from Sally's Beauty Supply
**On the tips - 1st -Sinful Colors (San Francisco)
**On the tips - 2nd -Sinful Colors (Call you Later)
**For Clover - Sinful Colors (Innocent)
**Hard as Nails - Top Coat (Not sure the brand of this top coat, but I bought it at Sally's Beauty Supply)
How to Do:
1. Apply a base coat to all of your nails and allow to dry.
2. Apply 1 coat of
3. On the tips, apply a strip on Sinful Colors (San Francisco) or any other green color of your choice, and allow to dry.
4. Over the green tips, add a strip of green glitter. I used Sinful Colors (Call you Later)
5. Most people use a dotting tool and reccomend a toothpick if you do not have one. I don't have a dotting tool, and a toothpick does not work so great, so I would suggest using a BOBBY PIN for the clover or any dotting nail technique. Bend the bobby pin straight, apply Sinful Colors (Innocent) to the tip of the bobby pin and make 3 dots on the bottom corner of your nail. To make the stem of the clover, add another dot of green color in the middle of your clover and slide the bobby pin in a downwards motion to create the stem. Allow 10-15 mins to dry completely.
6. After the clovers have dried, apply a small dot of clear top coat in the middle of the clover. Pick up a green rhinestone and apply in the middle of the clover. Repeat for all your nails, or just your middle finger and thumb.
7.) As soon as the top coat to apply the rhinestones has dried a little. Apply a top coat to the entire nail and allow to dry.
I hope you like it! If you had any questions just leave me a comment. ;)


All About My Blog x0x0

Okay, so I just started blogging so let me tell you a little bit about what to expect to see. My blog is mostly going to be reviews, fashion tips, tutorials, and diy projects. I am currently a full-time college student, so as you might guess I don't have much spending money. So I search relentlessly to find the best deals and sales, and I am now going to bring them all to you!

So far this is what I plan on adding to my blog very shortly ..
* Nail Swatches & Nail Polish Reviews
* Nail Art, Designs, and Tutorials (including Konad!)
* Cosmetic Swatches & Reviews (maybe some tutorials)
* Pictures of incredibly cute but wallet friendly outfits, shoes, & accessories (with details on where I bought them and their prices)
*DIY Projects (such as hair accessories, jewelry, customizations, clothing, decorations and more)
*Contests && Prizes

ALSO ... I will be taking REQUESTS at this time. If there is anything that you would like to see related to beauty or fashion just leave me a comment. Some examples might be ..
*Cute nail ideas for a certain occasions
*What to wear on a date, interview, etc.
*Where to find a cute pair of heels
*Or how to solve any beauty or fashion crisis on a budget


Sinful Colors Nail Swatches

This color is really pretty and is on my nails right now. It is a pale yellow shimmery gold kinda color lol.

I expected this color to be sheer, but it actually showed up better than I thought. This would be really pretty as a top coat.

Again, this color is also more sheer than I thought it would be. However, it is not sheer enough to work as a top coat. The color might show up better with 3-4 coats.

This color is sooo pretty. It kinda has a holographic effect to it. I wish the color was just a little more potent, but it does show up very well with 2 coats.

You can get away with only 1 coat of this polish. The color is very true to how it looks in the bottle.

I realllllyyy wish that this color showed up *exactly* the way it looks in the bottle. But once again, it was more sheer than what I have hoped for. It does make a beautiful top coat on almost any color.

This is a vibrant hot pink with a pretty shimmer. Color shows up great with 2 coats.

For some reason this was the only nail polish that dried with a matte finish. Once you apply a top coat though, you could never tell. This color shows up exactly the color it is in the bottle.

When I first saw this color I thought it was show up as a very dark, almost plum colored purple with purple glitter. It wasn't exactly sheer, dosn't show up the same color as the bottle, and I wouldn't reccomend using this color as a top coat either. Maybe 3-4 coats would really make this color pop.

You would never think this polish is as sheer as it is when looking at in the bottle. But as you can see on the nail swatch, it is very sheer.

Overall, I am more of a fan of colors that are very vibrant, potent, and are true to the color they are in the bottle.


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