Week 3: Nail Art Scans!! // Winter & Holiday Inspiration!!

Here is Week 3 of my Winter/Holiday nail art scans. I think the first one is my favorite. I have 2 more weeks of holiday scans coming, which I might post a bit sooner than a week so you can see them all before Christmas. If you want to make any requests for the next theme of nail scans I post (Ex. a color, flowers, etc.) leave them in the comments now so I can get them together! I also have the yellow nails for the nail art challenge on my SD card, so once I crop the pics I will post that. I think for right now I am going to take a rest from the nail art challenge so I can start doing some holiday nail art!

So enough with that. I have something else to share with you. Last week my hamster died. =( He lived really long though for the type of hamster he was, so I am glad to know he lived longer than the other hamsters I had. I know... I am like the only person over 18 who has a hamster still, but I think they are so darn cute!!! They are just tiny little puffs you can hold. lol So 3 days ago I went to the pet store to look at some of the hamsters. Then it happened.. I saw the cutest hamster I think I ever seen!
EEEEEEKK!!!! Isn't he adorable!!?? I can't wait till he is tame enough to the point that I can pick him up and play with him. Right now he is very skittish, so I have been taking it slow and just putting my hand in his cage and petting him. But one day, I will finally gain his trust and will be able to hold him! I named him Kabuki & he will make an appearances in my posts here & there. <3

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  1. Oooh your hamster is adorable *_* and kabuki is such a sweet name !!


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